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Inventory: once the room T-room sister are now what happened to the original title: once the real real uncle, sister, now what? Jiangxi: Deputy Chief of procuratorate has been blasting more than and 300 Suites according to people’s daily news client, recently, some users post broke the news, Jiangxi city of Nanchang Province, deputy chief of New District procuratorate crime of Xu Linbao and his family name up to more than and 380 sets of real estate. The net post said, Xu Linbao and his wife and daughter under the name of real estate amounted to more than and 380 units, worth hundreds of millions of yuan, which has handled real estate license has more than and 180 units, net signed more than and 200 sets; Xu Linbao occupied more than and 200 square meters of luxury villas, and luxury car name. According to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported that the reporter in the name of the Xu Linbao family, on behalf of the inquiry of arrears of property charges. Statistics Nanchang Honggutan area Xiang Ting district property management office staff revealed that Xu Linbao and his wife and children in the name of the district there are shops, houses, villas and other types of housing 71 sets, a total of 3402.27 square meters, a total of 512541.5 yuan owed property costs. (a registration in the name of Xu Linbao investment company registered in Nanchang City office building) son was arrested two people were transferred to the public security investigation in October 25th, high tech District of Nanchang city procuratorate official micro-blog released information that, recently, the network media reflect the posts for the hospital staff Xu Lin and related issues. In this regard, our hospital attaches great importance to. October 1st, the establishment of a special investigation team, in October 5th, decided to stop working Xu Linbao, the organization surveyed. This issue is under further investigation." According to the briefing at the preliminary investigation, Xu Linbao and their family name in real estate in Nanchang a total of 149 units (rooms), purchase time from 1995 to 2015, the purchase price totaled 1.1 million yuan, currently in the Nanchang area of the bank still has more than 9600 yuan of loans did not return. Related issues are further verification. Xu Linbao’s son, Long Yuewu, on suspicion of credit card fraud, the public security organs for investigation. In October 15th, the public security organs will be arrested for questioning Long Yuewu, in October 25th, the procuratorial organs approved the arrest. At present, the prosecution will reflect Xu Linbao, Long Yuewu suspected of financing fraud clues transferred to public security organs, public security organs are investigating. Shaanxi: Vice President of a bank of multiple identities, Beijing has 41 housing units in January 17, 2013, said the vice president, the exposure of the net posts of Shenmu Rural Commercial Bank of Shaanxi province Yulin Municipal People’s Congress Gong Aiai has more than and 20 sets of real estate in Beijing, nearly 1 billion yuan rmb. Internet postings said, Gong Aiai is "double identity card account, another name is" Gong Xianxia "," to the identity of Gong Xianxia has more than 20 sets of real estate in Beijing; Gong Aiai was the Shaanxi Xi’an Jiangdong Enterprise Investment Development Co., Ltd. legal representative, the company fixed assets billion yuan". Net posts also announced its two identity card number, address and the name of Gong Xianxia in Beijing, the address of the three sets of real estate. Subsequently, on the afternoon of January 31, 2013, Beijing police in its official micro-blog Ping An Beijing bulletin, the police confirmed that the discovery of Jun相关的主题文章: