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Home-Improvement For those of you who are researching heat pump systems and their benefits take a good long look at the Air Source Heat Pump option. This article will provide you with some good background information on this alternative heating system. At the end of this short article there are some useful tips and suggestions on finding out more about an Air Source Heat Pump. Heat pump systems are now well established as efficient and reliable alternative heating systems to their traditional fossil fuel counterparts. With the ever rising costs of fossil fuel prices UK households really do need an alternative method of keeping their houses warm and heating their hot water at affordable prices. This is where the versatile Air Source Heat Pump can help. Air Source heat pump technology collects heat from the outside. It does this by sucking in air, absorbing the exisiting heat source and boosting this heat source until it is at a suitable temperature. This heat is then directly used to provide warmth for our properties and to heat hot water. Air Source heat pumps are very versatile to our seasonal temperatures. They are also able to provide us with a steady supply of cool air during the hot summer months. Out of the three main types of heat pump systems available, the Air Source heat pump is by far the easiest system to install. The the unit is not overly large being the same size as a home air conditioning system and is therefore suitable for even the smallest of properties. The central unit of an Air Source heat pump system is also stand alone, which means it can be positioned inside or outside your house. Once installed and working, this system will realiably provide you with all your requirements concerning heat and hot water. So what other benefits can you expect from an Air Source heat pump? Apart from that your new heating system is more than capable of reducing carbon emissions to zero and therefore more than eco-friendly, there is of course the major savings on fuel bills to be had. An Air Source heat pump system can effectively reduce your monthly fuel bill costs by up to 70%! And with the ever increasing costs to consume fossil fuels such as coal and gas you can expect to achieve more savings. Also, you can expect your new investment to last a very long time indeed! Air Source heat pumps have a 25 year lifespan and are very low maintenance. Installation is also easy as this type of heat pump system has the ability to connect up to your existing radiator and hot water system. Air Source heat pumps are also considerably quiet when up and running making no more noise than your average domestic dishwasher. Do you think that this eco-friendly system could work for you? To find out more about the Air Source heat pumps systems on the market today and other renewable energy technology why not visit a .pany called EcoVision. This established .pany specialises in all types of environmentally friendly technology and can provide you with good advice on the range of Air Source heat pumps available and which one would suit your needs best. EcoVision also provide full installation services to both domestic and .mercial customers. You can visit them online at About the Author: 相关的主题文章: