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International market shocks Hong Kong stocks fell to grab the fund to raise funds involved in Hong Kong need to be cautious Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Part of the recent performance of the Hong Kong stock market performance of QDII and even the high share of Hong Kong stocks yesterday to follow the U.S. stocks fell, closing down 3.36%. Nevertheless, compared to A shares continued hovering around 3000 points, the recent Hong Kong stocks can be described as gratifying gains, but also become the object of funding to grab chips. It is reported that recently, a lot of Hong Kong fund received a relatively large net purchase. For the future of Hong Kong stock investment, many fund companies believe that the difference between the valuation of Hong Kong stocks, A shares will gradually converge, but still suggest moderate attention to Hong Kong stocks, Hong Kong stocks QDII fund managers have warned that the valuation of stocks is not cheap, the layout needs to be cautious. In addition, the reporter visited found that the current increase in the number of recent account opening. However, due to the trading system, the degree of familiarity with the enterprise and other factors, many risks have to pay attention. Text table reporter Wu Qian, Zhang Zhongan recently, the momentum to accelerate the inflow of funds into Hong Kong stocks. In addition to the Shanghai and Hong Kong through the South funds, many Hong Kong fund also continued to get a substantial net purchase. The flow of funds: OTC funds into profit funds pocket a person said, recently the company’s Hong Kong fund also received some funds favor, one of the products most recently a month net purchase 2 billion yuan, there are more than just getting hundreds of millions of dollars in net purchase. Another fund company sources, the company’s current layout of the Hongkong market QDII fund to get a larger net purchase. In fact, this net purchase is probably from the beginning of the two quarter of this year, the purchase of each institution can bring the level of 50 million ~1 billion yuan, the number of shots is very frequent." The source said. Similarly, according to the Shanghai stock exchange data, since September, Hong Kong stocks ETF Hang Seng also received 15 million copies of the net purchase. However, in Hong Kong stocks rose sharply after the money is still in the influx of Hong Kong stocks and pre admission funds also showed signs of profit taking. Data show that the first half of the Hong Kong QDII involved in favor. As of June 30, 2016, the fund is to invest in the Hongkong market share of the fund grew by 56.6% compared with the beginning of the year, while the share of similar funds to invest in other markets outside the market generally decline in. But since September, the Hang Seng acquired net purchase at the same time, a small net outflow of funds in Hong Kong Stocks Index ETF ETF. And the time is slightly elongated, as of last weekend, compared to the beginning of August, Hong Kong and ETF Seng HSI ETF respectively was a net redemption of 174 million copies and 2 million copies, respectively for the size of the share of 696 million copies and 44 million copies. Fund performance: QDII the second half part of the Hong Kong market benefits at present, fund market, individual investors can be through Hong Kong stocks QDII, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Hong Kong stocks fund deep classification of funds and mutual recognition of mainland and Hongkong Hongkong fund to invest in Hong Kong stocks. On the main varieties of investment in Hong Kong stocks QDI相关的主题文章: