India says economic growth exceeds China’s expert data and the actual situation does not

India said the economic growth Chinese super experts: data inconsistent with the actual situation of reference news network February 15 daily moral media reported that the official data released on the 8 in India, the country’s economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 has exceeded China. The latest data show that what is called "a country’s defeat, he’s benefit": Chinese economy is weak commodity prices and weak demand. At the same time, low oil prices could help India’s expansion. According to Deutsche Welle website reported on February 13th, the Central Bureau of statistics in New Delhi (CSO) announced that the fourth quarter of 2015, India’s GDP grew by 7.3%. During the same period, China’s GDP grew by only 6.8%. The government of India is now confident that the growth rate of GDP in India will increase to 7.6% in 2015 this year, which is significantly higher than 7.2% a year ago in. Official data were questioned, but this is a very difficult task, and many experts are skeptical about the confidence of the government of India. Kunal Kundu, a banker at Societe Generale in Bangalore, said, "I’m very surprised by this data." As in Kunming, many experts believe official figures do not match what they see in key industries in India. For example, the fourth quarter of India manufacturing production growth of 12.6%, compared with other data form: enterprise orders, inventory rate and factory equipment utilization rate showed a decline trend. Kunming to Agence France-Presse said: "they (official) given the data and our 13 month continuous in coal, roads, freight and export sector decline trend compared is untenable." The credibility of the Central Bureau of statistics has been increasingly questioned after correcting GDP data last year. The latest data enable the faltering South Asian country to rapidly rank among the fastest growing economies in the world. India released the latest data, capitaleconomics (Capital Economics) analyst in a written analysis said: "on the surface, these data is extremely powerful. But when we try to compare official GDP data with the economic data we get from other sources, we can’t be more skeptical." "So we can’t fully believe the official GDP data and their projected growth rates." India’s prime minister Modi continue to strive for the support of Parliament for the land, taxation, labor reform, investors and business leaders have become more skeptical attitude. Modi believes that in February 29th, India’s finance minister (Arun Jaitley) sub Bentley announced the annual budget will ease tensions. The budget will include measures to ease poverty in rural areas and boost investment. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

印度称经济增长超中国 专家:数据与实际情况不符   参考消息网2月15日报道 德媒称,印度8日发布的官方数据显示,该国2015年第四季度的经济增长已超越中国。最新的数据表明什么叫“一国失利、他国获益”:中国经济受到商品价格低迷和需求疲软牵连的同时,低廉的油价却有助于印度的扩张。   据德国之声电台网站2月13日报道,位于新德里的中央统计局(CSO)宣布,2015年第四季度,印度GDP同比增长7.3%。同一时期,中国GDP仅增长6.8%。   印度政府现在颇有信心地预计,2015年至2016年这一财年印度GDP增长率将增至7.6%,明显高于一年前的7.2%。   官方数据遭质疑   但是这是一项非常艰巨的任务,多位专家对印度政府的信心持怀疑态度。法国兴业银行驻班加罗尔的银行家昆都(Kunal Kundu)表示:“我对这一数据感到十分惊讶。” 和昆都一样,不少专家认为官方数据和他们在印度关键行业看到的情形不符。   例如,印度第四季度制造业生产的增速为12.6%,这和其他数据形成对比:企业订单、存货率和工厂设备利用率等均呈走低趋势。昆都向法新社表示:“他们(官方)给出的数据和我们在煤炭、道路、货运和出口行业的持续13个月的走低趋势相比,是站不住脚的。”   中央统计局去年更正GDP的数据后,其可信性受到越来越多的质疑。最新的数据使这一蹒跚前行的南亚大国迅速跻身全球经济增长最快的主要经济体行列。   印度发布最新数据后,凯投宏观(Capital Economics)的分析师在一份书面分析中说:“表面上,这些数据极其有力。但是当我们试图将官方GDP数据和我们从其他来源获得的经济数据做对比时,不免会更加怀疑。”“因此我们不能完全相信官方GDP数据和他们预计的增长率。”   印度首相莫迪继续努力为土地、税务、劳动力改革争取议会的支持,投资者和商界领袖的态度却变得愈加怀疑。莫迪相信,2月29日,印度财长亚特力(Arun Jaitley)公布年度预算案将缓解紧张气氛。届时发布的预算案将包括缓解农村贫困和提振投资等措施。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: