In the birth preview can understand what the Sohu –

In the "birth preview" can understand what the Sohu according to maternal obstetric doctors, many pregnant women in late pregnancy often have symptoms of anxiety, which is mainly from the upcoming birth of fear, the psychological burden of pregnant women is not very good on the belly of the baby. Based on this situation, obstetric doctors may advise pregnant women in childbirth "rehearsal". What is the "birth" Preview "? In the delivery of preview is simply to be" children "to advance the whole process of rehearsal, let the mothers systematic understanding of children, help mothers to eliminate stress and worry, learning knowledge of production during delivery. "Birth preview" you can understand what? 1, when you encounter unexpected situations at home, is going to have a baby, how should I do? 2, in each production process, should use what breathing pain relief? 3, what kind of situation can be painless childbirth? What precautions painless childbirth? 4, painless childbirth is not painful at all? Painless childbirth will affect the production process? 5, four production process is what? What should be paid attention to? 6, the husband should do in the process of paternity? What are you doing? How should cooperate with the doctor, 7 women in the production process? 8, what conditions need to side cut? 9, how to avoid the cesarean section? Very concerned about these problems in the pregnant mother, "birth rehearsal" in the process, we will give a detailed professional doctor Answer, and demonstration of operation, so that the minds of expectant mothers worry free, relaxed and happy to meet delivery. Understand the "delivery preview", I believe that many pregnant mothers want to, unfortunately some pregnant mother will miss the rare "delivery preview", how to do? Don’t worry, in order to let more mothers know the delivery room, Jilin state health by the maternity hospital delivery room will play to the screen, let you the delivery process can also directly feel at home. In September, China’s first real documentary Be There Or Be Square with your health!相关的主题文章: