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In South Korea the largest in the history of the economic storm to China thigh on Park Geun hye – Sohu financial paper products Feifan Korea economy has always been the gold from the entertainment economy, tourism economy and electronic economy. Although the "Korean wave" still detonated in Asia, but the entertainment economy and tourism economy is faltering, but the rest of the electronics giant Samsung in support. Pu Jinhui recently and miserable. Hanjin Shipping – South Korea’s economic collapse of the half day event in South Korea, ranked seventh in the world, South Korea’s largest shipping company suddenly declared bankruptcy, the whole world is in an uproar, the global shipping market is one of the earthquake, the Korean economy quickly dragged into the quagmire. South Korea is South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping giant, supporting up half of the sky of the South Korean economy, now a ruin, the Korean economy is equivalent to the collapse of the sky, to South Korea’s economic impact is not big, park Geun Hye tears. Then, Samsung Disasters pile up on one another. accident, a fatal blow to remove the alarming news korea into bankruptcy, it really should be a phrase, Felicity never turns out in pairs. also hurt Samsung, Disasters pile up on one another.!, 35 explosions, counterattack broken dreams! Samsung Note7 battery explosion incidents in recent days has been rapid fermentation, not only to recall 2 million 500 thousand mobile phone such a simple thing the expected loss of $1 billion. Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, it can be said that the Korean economy is now propped up a day, according to statistics Samsung accounted for 33% of total income of all enterprises in South Korea, directly or indirectly to feed almost half of the korean. Samsung is dead, so Samsung in South Korea, South Korea is the best in all the land, is the sustenance of the 50 million South Koreans want to mother. In South Korea’s most proud of the electronics industry leader Samsung Electronics, is now an accident. This is a fatal blow, a park she has now be taken by surprise, "anxious like ants on a hot pan". The Korean economy is not only the sick, but to help China regarded as hopeless.!: China can save only seems to have the whole world in view, South korea. But due to the deployment of South Korea thad, relations between the two countries on the Korean national Chinese straight down, the feelings are gradually cool, South Korea’s tourism industry is the overall decline, the national Chinese Korea Tourism enthusiasm is a way to reduce. The number of tourists to Korea Chinese last month decreased by 3.7% over the same period, the National Mall Chinese burst buy myundong to gather obviously feel the Chinese salesman, tourists in the decrease in these occurred, South Korean President Park Geun hye said on the issue with China is willing to maintain close communication. The Chinese generosity and kindness, park Geun hye, shame on you? You don’t want to think, China always good to you, how can such treachery to friends, promise and then deny in succession, actually make? You don’t want to think, if in Korea persist in wilfully and arbitrarily on the path by China, Chinese consumers would be thousands on thousands of patriotic, hand delivered the money to you? In the world economic outlook on economic boom, China. Interpretation of market dynamics, analysis of world finance, share investment skills, to give the latest market analysis, to help you capture the financial front. On investment (crude oil, copper)相关的主题文章: