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In September, nearly 50% stocks outperform the "new low" popular Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money. Wang Wei told reporters at the beginning of September Shanghai continued sideways trend in late August. The stock index below 3100 points repeatedly pacing after 12 days the stock suddenly fell sharply upward, the overall downward line, and on the 26 day again tiaokongdikai, the center of gravity to 3000 points to start the battle. At this point, since September, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.82% for the year second monthly decline. During two, a total of 1427 stocks outperformed the Shanghai Composite Index, accounting for 48.70%. This type of stock is relatively small, so the free market capitalization shares, relatively low valuation characteristics. Time shares eye-catching performance market in August 16th hit 3140 points to a new high stage after the shock adjustment, the September index is in "stumble endlessly" dilemma, not only a series of below 3100 points and 3000 points, respectively in September 12th and September 26th left two downward upward gap, to steadily decline, the weak pattern filling. So far, the Shanghai Composite Index on line three Yang pace was interrupted. Since September, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.82%, only in January this year, for the year month decline high. Since September the weight plate "fixed up, Shanghai will continue to weaken. Thus, the proportion of stocks outperform the market fell slightly compared with August. After deducting the suspension of shares, in September a total of 1427 stocks rose more than the Shanghai Composite Index rose over the same period, accounted for 48.70% of the proportion of 49.57%, slightly lower than in August. Not only that, by the market cooling effect, the performance of the stock and the average level of activity decreased significantly in September, all the A shares fell by an average of 0.12% months, the average free float market capitalization of the exchange rate was 63.76% based on the August A shares rose an average of 7.21%, average turnover rate of 83.73%. Specifically, in September a total of 978 stocks rose, which Henghe die with 390.51% month increase in first of all A shares, including the shares, Netac smart, Hongsheng Guangxin materials, including shares of Tongyi 15 stocks rose more than 100% months, the Bank of Jiangyin, agriculture is still the environment, science and technology, international, Yatai brilliance innovation Sichuan Shuangma shares, 9 stocks rose more than 50%. Since September 1793 stocks fell in, Meteno, Wu Tong holdings, the Chinese boat emergency, Langfang development, Zhejiang Zhongcheng, ST Hui, a ball Hyperion and other 29 stocks fell more than 20%, the monthly decline in Meteno and Wu Tong holdings amounted to 28.51% and 26.04%. Overall, the September decline in the larger stocks including August hot stocks figure, visible in the short-term stock price quickly pulled, with cautious sentiment, funds will take profits strong, which led to the hot surface and Bankuailundong "too fast". "New low" touted funds from the plate distribution, 1427 stocks outperform in September, belongs to the theory of entrepreneurship相关的主题文章: