In a Golden contemporary painting painting and calligraphy art exhibition opening ceremony held

In a Golden "contemporary painting" "" painting and calligraphy art exhibition opening ceremony held a poetic ink painting, product life. In October 10th, sponsored by the Beijing World Chinese ink painting, Beijing in a Golden chain organization hosted the "contemporary painting" "painting and calligraphy art exhibition opening ceremony was held in Beijing rongbaozhai. The opening ceremony, deputy researcher of Chinese Art Museum deputy director Wang Xuefeng, vice president of the Yellow River Association of collectors Chinese waves, in a general manager of Golden Dou Quan, Golden’s deputy general manager Wang Jialin, Zhao Changyu, Lan Jiankang and artists Ma Weichao, Liu Boxi, Sun Zian, Li Lianqi as invited guests attended the opening ceremony. The hundreds of calligraphy lovers come to the show and friends from all walks of life. At the opening ceremony, Wang Xuefeng congratulated the opening of the exhibition. He said: "the painting has a long history, is the most aesthetic charm China ethnic arts. The peak of art, but not skills, but self-cultivation. Today, six contemporary painting leaders gathered for the first time in China rongbaozhai, traditional arts and culture as the foundation, with lines, wonderful pen, bring bright color, elegant charm boutique paintings for us, give people a wonderful visual enjoyment. Their works, ink composition is simple and elegant, delicate and soft, moist and not float, Jiao Mei and not, based on inheriting the traditional painting skills on the integration of the spirit of the times, to develop their own unique style, to the flat real see deep into the beautiful and easy to see. Lan Jiankang, Zhao Changyu, Ma Weichao, Liu Boxi, Sun Zian, Li Lianqi six artists painting, renowned for its exquisite painting I believe in six artists under the guidance of Chinese painting art will forever spread, create brilliant!" Deputy director of the China Art Museum, deputy director of the Ministry of collection Wang Xuefeng speech the Yellow River waves of the works of the exhibition gave a high degree of evaluation. He said that this exhibition of contemporary painting, to "work" as the theme, a collection of 60 pieces of painting boutique six well-known artists. Painting since the date, Gu Kaizhi, Zhang Xuan, Song Huizong rich Shenyi the elegant, Qiu Shi father and refined, and contains the picture that humanistic pursuit, constitute the aesthetic system of painting independent and complete. Today, meticulous painting on the basis of inheritance to achieve the times. August 19, 2016 to 22, sponsored by the Ministry of culture of the second national intangible cultural heritage of traditional painting class project selection in the "meticulous" as Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection project. Today, in a Golden, Chinese ink painting and calligraphy artist painting to build a good communication platform, let us see is known as "contemporary Chinese six" Lan Jiankang, Zhao Changyu, Ma Weichao, Liu Boxi, Sun Zian, Li Lianqi six artists "meticulous" work. Their works give us a visual impact, the shock of the soul, give us the enjoyment of beauty. Their works not only represent the past of Chinese painting, but also represent the future of Chinese painting." Vice president of Chinese Collectors Association of the Yellow River Liu Boxi speech waves represent artists to speak, he said: "as an artist, very excited and honored to be in the top China rongbaozhai painting and calligraphy art hall of speech. As a painter of painting,.相关的主题文章: