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College-University Indira Gandhi National Open University popular as IGNOU came into existence on 20th September 1985, due to an Act of Parliament (1985). It aimed to achieve the following goals: Offer an opportunity for high quality education to all the people who would attempt to seek it, irrespective of region, age and formal qualifications. Make democratization of higher education by facilitating the education to the doorsteps of the learners. Cater for need-based academic programs by providing vocational and professional orientation to the IGNOU courses. Act as a prime body maintaining and setting standards in the aspect of distance learning of education in India. Over the past few years IGNOU has grown and now offers over 130 programs and has more than 58 regional centers and 1804 study centers for providing support to academic counseling of IGNOU students . Moreover, it also offers some programs in 46 overseas centers prominently in Africa and Asia. In the recent times, IGNOU has proved its high flexibility in imparting the knowledge and education by opening its informative doors to any professional or layman to acquire any required knowledge. A lawyer who wants to know about building and bridge construction, which is practiced by successful builders, can update his knowledge from IGNOU courses available online. Apart from its 29 lakh IGNOU students, it opens its educational resources and makes it advantageous for civil engineers, people in civil service and other information seekers. This venture of IGNOU falls under flexi-learn scheme. The public access to Open education of IGNOU is quite unique among the aspects of Indian Universities. The onset of this feature helps the students to go through the course details distinctly before they opt for any particular course. Individual from any strata of society can become an IGNOU student and enhance his knowledge by joining IGNOU courses. They can register at IGNOU and access study materials online sitting anywhere right from IGNOU centers in their offices and homes with an ease. The IGNOU students get study material and IGNOU assignments only for the IGNOU course they have registered for. In case of delay in delivery of the required study materials students have the facility to download it from the net. However, for the sake of reference they can also download the relevant materials of the other IGNOU courses online. At this moment IGNOU is the only open University that imparts 400 courses even for PhD levels. It sells the study material worth Rs 2.96 crores annually, apart from what it sells to IGNOU students. Its printed materials have always been in demand among the teachers, the corresponding institutions and individuals aspiring to become part of the civil service. Various websites like .neerajbooks.. offers quality printed materials and valid references and guides for various IGNOU courses to the people. The website also offers All in One Question Bank for solving IGNOU assignments. IGNOU also saves the exam papers of past years for reference. It also facilitates IGNOU assignments for practice and helps to tackle the .petitive exams for various educational levels. All these studies and practice resources are provided related to a variety of areas ranging from arts, culture, humanities, various languages, the social sciences to engineering, .merce and of many other highly professional fields. So whatever you need as regards your IGNOU course, just get in touch with Neeraj Books and we will help you with every information you are looking for as we publish books for almost all IGNOU Courses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: