I heard the old Qingdao wedding nephew firecrackers carries 5000 ring break station security luonv

I heard the old Qingdao wedding nephew firecrackers carries 5000 ring break not what contraband station security backpack, but in the face of handheld instrument security security personnel are resisting hard to break. In October 9th 9, Jiaoyunjituan Qingdao Qijubeizhan screeners stopped for a break would not cooperate with the inspection of the elderly. In the face of two times to check the security personnel, the old man still clung to constantly dodge coat. Until the security staff called in the police station together to persuade, until the old man took out a hanging from the arms wrapped airtight 5000 ring firecrackers. 9:00 the same day, an old man carrying a black bag into the bus station. In the security channel, the old baggage was too large and immediately to the departure time by not willing to security. Security personnel repeatedly persuaded that the old man put the baggage on the security instrument conveyor belt. Through security screen, security personnel did not find any luggage contraband, but in the face of the two check handheld instrument security, the old man is constantly trying to resist, dodge ran into the waiting room. Security personnel in the block, found that although the cooler weather, but the old man wear clothes more, during the period has been hand grabbed coat wrapped body, especially the right arm is always in an open state, even in the mobile does not shake. Repeatedly persuaded to cooperate with the inspection fruitless, security personnel can only call the police station together with law enforcement, requiring them to take off their coats for the two security. At this point, the old man reluctantly took off his coat, will have been sandwiched in the armpit of a large bag of things out. Security personnel took a closer look, even a plastic bag by hanging up firecrackers. In the police station in the inquiry, the old man said he surnamed Xiao, 65 years old this year, is intended to return to Jining to attend the wedding ceremony of his nephew. Not long ago, I heard that the nephew did not buy the wedding day with firecrackers, Shaw old man thought to buy a 5000 ring to go home. Firecrackers that are inflammable and explosive materials can not carry on the train, but the old man felt Xiao National Day just after the station security should be a little loose, so they want to sneak this way, the firecrackers wrapped plug entrained in clothes, did not expect or security personnel were found. Due to deliberately entrained and hide prohibited items, the police station on Shaw old man criticized education, firecrackers were confiscated and destroyed. (one point, Qilu Qilu Evening News reporter correspondent Zhao Bo Yu Chao) [the manuscript contains text, images and audio and video data, all copyrights are the Qilu Evening News, any media or individuals shall not be reproduced without authorization, and offenders will be prosecuted according to law. ]相关的主题文章: