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I haven’t bought a red dress since I bought so many dresses! Skirt is my life…… Anyway, the island is a day without wearing a skirt will collapse of the girl, as long as I met a nice skirt I will not hesitate to accept the! But recently I turned over the wardrobe and found myself without a nice red dress! How can this be! Remember some time ago all friends to recommend a movie called "Me before you" movie theme, warm and moving, although Marysu’s story, but the woman that red skirt really take me to the United states…… You know, actually see any favorite fashion editor series are the main observation of the female outfit, especially female outfit many foreign film is a hotspot, such as the red skirt just got me quickly to buy myself a pretty red dress! In fact, the red skirt is very foil color, and a beautiful red skirt can let your temperament instantly soared many times! How beautiful is the red skirt? These street tell you INS on the red skirt of a few thousand islands in Tag, when the election was dazzled, watching and colleagues say, I want to start with a red skirt! You can choose this red skirt suit, above a short crop top a red skirt collocation buttons embellishment, charming and witty. Red and light pink with the effect of unexpected surprise, but these two colors together actually pick someone. Black · the lively decorated with red flowers deep V dress, her sexy and beautiful figure foil is in place, the queen of the gas field completely hold. Red leather skirt collocation black sweater, wearing red is suitable for this autumn, improve your overall collocation brightness, make you confident. This is one of the island’s favorite, not only a hundred fold elements, this cascade of design, but also allows you to take the road to bring their own elegant Qi, and this red will not be too much publicity. White Tee collocation a red lace skirt is very classic, worth of color. The red high slit skirt, red lace shirt collocation, walking in the crowd can you more beautiful! These colors and red with red and black are three of the classic colors of the two, if you are a low profile, that the red is very high, then you can use black to make the red sink. In fact, take up the blue and orange color collocation is very good-looking, I give out the hit. Red and pink, although is warm but also did not feel the collocation of conflicts, but these two kinds of color collocation with the feeling is amazing. In fact, the sky blue and collocation effect, before the island is don’t dare to try, but shot in the street by the fact that is also good, but you can put this into the blue jeans, different approaches but equally satisfactory results. This close to the Mei Zihong color collocation from nude color so that the whole people seem soft and texture, is two colors of autumn can try collocation. A sleeveless red dress suitable for autumn and winter wine red long sleeved red dress red skirt red skirt collocation Tips red dress set off your most color orange red skirt is better than red wine a red skirt is relatively calm and reserved more suitable for autumn and winter相关的主题文章: