Huzhou 1 nouveau riche thieves steal twenty thousand yuan spent 6000 yuan a taxi fled back home in

Huzhou 1 nouveau riche thieves steal twenty thousand yuan spent 6000 yuan a taxi fled his hometown in Guiyang Huzhou Anji brother should be two days before the master took a big one: a man willing to spend 6000 yuan to fight back to his hometown in Guizhou. "I pulled a long distance." Should master in the phone to the family said happily. However, the car drove to the junction of Jiangxi, Hunan, the teacher should answer a phone. The other whisper, Ange Changshuo claimed to be the police, "they said to me, the man pulled the car is theft, I hope to find opportunities to cooperate with the police to control him." The teacher should not be nervous. As he drove his car, he thought of a way. When traveling to the territory of Lianhua County, Jiangxi Province, the master should find a toll station next to a checkpoint, he would take the initiative to open the car in the past. When the traffic police to check the documents, the Anji police call again, the teacher should be quietly to the police in Jiangxi, the other side of the phone, what is understood. Soon, the man in the car was under control. The man surnamed Gan, 90, is a thief. October 29th at 1 in the morning, he opened the door of a car in Anji with technical means, the owner of the car in the cash stolen $20800. After committing the crime, intends to flee back to Guizhou home to avoid the limelight. Gan first hit a taxi and asked the driver to go to the Hangzhou East Railway Station, the driver see Gan in the car inventory of large amounts of cash, some suspicious, introduced him to the soldier should master. "We talk about a good 400 yuan to Hangzhou train station to Hangzhou, he can talk with me, send him to Guiyang." Should the master said, the two people in the car costs 6000 yuan. At present, Gan Anji has been brought back to the police and criminal detention.相关的主题文章: