Hubei intends to implement artificial rainfall this weekend, Wuhan is not in the rain range mmc.exe

This weekend, Hubei intends to implement artificial rainfall in Wuhan is not in the scope of "rain" reporter correspondent Fu Ying Tang Yue Hu Fangyu Li Yuqian since September, Wuhan with 1.9 mm of rainfall, since mid August, Shiyan rainfall for the same period in history at least. Yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau, this weekend, there will be a precipitation process in Hubei Province, the province plans to dispatch the aircraft to carry out artificial rainfall operations. Wuhan since September extreme shouted "thirsty" in September has been 22 days, the Wuhan meteorological station to monitor only two effective rainfall in rainy days, a total of only 1.9 mm of rain. Among them, in September 9th under 1.6 mm, in September 6th gone with the rain of 0.3 mm. The meteorological data of Wuhan City show that the middle of September, and annual ten day average rainfall in Wuhan were 32.8 mm and 26.3 mm, which means that in September this year, I also not to the mid total rainfall over the same period the year average of 5%. This section of Wuhan in the middle of the rainy days began in mid August, when the city suffered high temperature and hot weather, long time and rain missed, in late August after the end of the heat wave, but also occasionally shed some light rain. From mid August to mid September, Wuhan rainfall of 20 mm, is the least in the past 15 years. Year over year, Wuhan average rainfall of about 138.5 mm. In fact, Hubei is now less than the rain and Wuhan. Wuhan Regional Climate Center data show that in July 21 the rainyseason has less rainfall in most parts of the province, including the northwest of Hubei Shiyan, the drought is more serious, from August 10th to September 21st, the average amount of precipitation in Shiyan area is only about 45.2 mm, as of 1960 there is a complete meteorological records since at least the same period of history. May continue to precipitation according to the meteorological department is expected next month, 24 days -27 days, Hubei has a precipitation process, the west, mainly in small to moderate rain, the East is cloudy with showers precipitation. Provincial Weather Modification Office, this weekend, the province plans to dispatch the aircraft to carry out artificial rainfall operations, the focus of the work area is northwest of hubei. At present, the aircraft has been waiting for rain. Wuhan has not yet appeared obvious drought, it seems, should not be within the scope of this aircraft rainfall. In fact, since July 21st, northwest of Shiyan, Yichang, has been 78 times the ground rainfall operations, fired a rain rocket, affecting an area of about 12 thousand square kilometers, an increase of rainfall of about 42 million tons. Figure Province Office Deputy Director Ye Jianyuan introduced in the summer season, Hubei is not stable over the cloud, the aircraft, through which risk coefficient is high, does not have the artificialprecipitation operation conditions. And now the clouds in the sky to stratiform cloud based, relatively stable. This also means that the precipitation process in the province this weekend is expected to carry out aircraft operations. Compared to the ground rainfall enhancement operation, the impact of the aircraft will generally be more extensive rainfall. Provincial Meteorological Bureau yesterday also said that the next month, the province’s Meteorological staff will pay close attention to weather conditions, if the conditions are met, but also in a timely manner to start artificial rainfall operations. This is the two weather temperature or rebound according to the Chinese Academy of sciences.相关的主题文章: