Hua Guofeng took the position of Mao Zedong in order to consolidate the status of the successor to M

In order to consolidate the status of the successor of Hua Guofeng Mao Zedong has taken the measures core tip: Mao Zedong is expected to nominate Hua Guofeng as Prime Minister of the State Council, the first vice chairman of the CPC Central Committee, both at home and abroad made it clear that he has chosen Hua Guofeng as his successor. And through this unusual approach, drew attention to the original very striking Hua Guofeng, rapidly improve Hua Guofeng’s prestige as soon as possible, consolidate the position of Hua Guofeng, continuously enhance the reputation of Hua Guofeng, Hua Guofeng has legal status and special status. So, when your body does not work, Hua Guofeng was able to successfully take over.   Mao Zedong and Hua Guofeng data figure: This paper from, author: anonymous, the original title: why Mao Zedong decided to put Hua Guofeng as their last chosen successor? Excerpt "before and after the Qingming Festival in 1976, the capital of the people’s memory of Premier Zhou in Tiananmen square. At that time, the chairman did not know of the outside situation at all, he was unable to move, nor even the speech power, don’t know what happened outside. In those days Mao Yuanxin came. He said the Politburo of the night meeting, that the incident before the Tiananmen is not isolated, is a repeat of the Hungarian incident in China, said Deng Naji and so on. The chairman is unable to ask, only nod to know. In April 5th, Chairman Mao was seriously ill in bed. Jiang Qing said something to talk to the chairman. She went to the front of the chairman of the bed, said: ‘I came before, deliberately went to the Tiananmen square around a circle, all the way up the smoke, a group of people to burn the house, burning cars, which is a dead man living pressure. Deng Xiaoping is their background. I want to complain. I suggest Deng Xiaoping expelled from the party. " He added: "the Political Bureau has already held a meeting and has made arrangements. You may rest assured that Mao Yuanxin will come to you in a minute to report the details of the meeting." "Not long, Mao Yuanxin took the Politburo resolution on four or five to let the president speak. The chairman after hearing the report with a red pen to write on the paper "agreed to retain the party, watch for the results.". Later, the people’s Daily published the "Tiananmen square" of the anti revolutionary political events and editorials, the chairman did not see." The publication of the two resolutions, made it clear that Mao Zedong has made up his mind, will be selected as his successor, Hua Guofeng. When Mao Zedong was 82 years old, advanced in age, body is weak, eager to entrust the funeral. February 1976, Mao Zedong proposed by the State Council on behalf of the prime minister Hua Guofeng, but did not raise the status of the CPC Central Committee in the improvement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, so that Hua Guofeng can only act as a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the State Council Premier Hua Guofeng. This shows that Mao Zedong will also be a period of observation, inspection and test of Hua Guofeng, in order to finally make up his mind. Hua Guofeng served as Prime Minister of the State Council, presided over the daily work of the central government after two months, in a series of major issues, and resolutely implement the line, principles and policies formulated by Mao Zedong. How Mao Zedong Hua Guofeng on how to comply with instructions. This made Mao Zedong feel that Hua Guofeng is reliable and safe. After the March and April Tiananmen Square incident, Mao Zedong finally made up his mind to let Hua Guofeng as his successor. In order to consolidate Hua Guofeng’s successor.相关的主题文章: