How to wear the sweater to soil, unlike the bear (video)-yuanmu

How to wear the sweater to soil, not bear to talk about today is the winter is love classic items: sweaters. Today’s article structure is like this: what kind of figure does not look like a sweater to wear what style of sweater fat how to wear a sweater to see how to take a sweater? Meng shopping cart in the sweater today, in addition to a lot of things we wear routines, focusing on solving the problem of everyone, this article can solve most of the confusion you wear sweater. So take the problem, we immediately began to ~ ~ what kind of figure wearing a sweater does not look good? The tall thin clothes rack is not to pull hate. Well, the figure of the virgin sister came with me, to understand their own body in order to better avoid the shortcomings of accurate dressing. Shoulder shoulder is very influence attitude, will become very not the spirit, the momentum will become weak (by). For example, Japanese people love beans ARASHI Sakurai Sho, I behave of gas, but the shoulder slipped too, was ridicule, was also a fan of the "umbrella" brother. The round shoulder chest is too big and the neck is short for the sweater collar the larger side of the thick style is not friendly to the neck short people. General short neck with neck thick, thick will be exposed to this shortcoming. Here more Meng P feel actually also good, neck long also beautiful so a lost it. 2016 of Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast here here here every day to see the history of evolution: supermodel supermodel inspirational cute four’s show Xiaoming Deng Ming Xi what styles of sweaters were swollen? No way, you want to keep warm is to wear more. So in order to grace not to wear long johns winter baby is not good. Well, then combined with the first part in a sweater showing the fat figure several significantly swollen sweater style. Twist twist weave weave sweater in the most significant fat is white. Coarse wool body with small locks such as mohair mohair sweaters clothing out of order. There is a feature of the surface with a wool sweater, the visual expansion is very powerful, apple type woman be careful Oh, especially in short hair sweater. Unless you’re really skinny, and you’re willing to have a skinny leg or tight (like the picture below), it really turns out to be a ball. I remember a half half collar is the fire started three or four years ago, the collar for a swan neck person, if the neck itself is not long, and then be directly cut into half a chin position, it is not very awkward. The thick – I really hate this collar, thin neck wearing the collar will look more fine, but if you have developed the trapezius muscle plus neck thick, wearing the collar, the collar will seem much more rough with your neck. How to wear a sweater to look good? Here we will introduce some of the skills to wear a sweater, and recommend a thin sweater style and more popular these two years, we choose. Corrective body is not just a sweater, wear any clothes to do anything should have the right attitude. Especially the girls, whether you go what style of dress, chest and abdomen shrink chin always. For example, this spring is the fire red net drama "please and I shit love" in the starring Kyoko Fukada, although the value of Yan Yi相关的主题文章: