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Internet-Marketing Twitter is a free social networking site which enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are messages of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s home page and delivered to the author’s followers. Twitter’s Alexa rank is #12, which makes it a very powerful platform for making contacts, but there are certain tricks to making it work for you. Twitter is used by different people for diverse purposes; it was initially set up in 2006, and used in a similar fashion to SMS messages. Nowadays it is not only a social network but an information network and is a major way of getting your name known to a global .munity, when you are in inter. marketing or MLM How It Works First of all you need to get a Twitter account ; this is free. There are the people that you follow, then there are the people who follow you, and after you have set up your account, on your home page you will see the icons for "Following" and "Followers". To get started pick out some people who have posted any interesting ‘Tweets’ and follow them, or you could search for people you know. You will find that most people will follow you back, and there are several websites around that will allow you to do this automatically. The idea is that you keep the numbers of following and followers within 10% of each other, the reason for this is that if you follow a lot more people than you have followers, Twitter may suspend your account, as they think you may be spamming. Building Your Followers You need to try and do this every day – again, it can be automated, but I personally prefer to pick out say 3 of my followers, and follow about 5 pages of their contacts. It takes a bit longer this way, but it means you have the ability to pick and choose who you are following. Next I go through my Direct Message box, and choose who I want to start building up a relationship with, then send a ‘DM’ back to them, addressing them by name, perhaps inviting them to also contact me on Facebook; the rest of the messages I delete. The other thing you need to do every day is delete those people who you previously followed, but who haven’t followed you back; again, this can be automated. By doing this it generally keeps the balance down to 10%. What to Tweet About It is important to understand, that Twitter is not a sales platform. This is where many people get it wrong. If you immediately start pitching your product, business or service you will lose your following and your friends quickly. You first need to establish credibility and cultivate a relationship with your followers by posting newsworthy items, interesting quotes, funny quips etc. You can also retweet any tweets which you particularly like, simply by typing in RT and then the @ symbol followed directly by the person’s username. I normally post around 10 Tweets a day, of these 5 would be quips or quotes, the other five would be made up of links either to articles I’ve written, which have the link to my website embedded in them, or a direct sales pitch. I find this is a good balance, and with persistence you should start getting some leads for your business. Once you get familiar with Twitter, you will find that you need only spend 30-60 minutes a day and your followers will build up surprisingly quickly. It is important to 1) Tweet regularly, and 2) don’t get sidetracked, otherwise you will find you are spending too much time on the site, to the detriment of your money making business. It is a great way to build a contact list, and make some new friends along the way. There is also plenty of help on the site itself, so if you’ve been umming and ah-ing about whether to try Twitter or not, give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: