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How to cure the travel chaos? Expert: play role — Jiangxi channel dishonesty punishment mechanism — this year "eleven" during the golden week, a lot of people in the circle of friends are all kinds of WeChat travel chaos scraper: part China tourists because of improper practices of travel agency, was detained in Jeju Island Korea Yunnan tour guide tourists shopping is not abuse, was ordered rectification Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic area is still no price tag…… As early as 2013, China has promulgated the tourism law to regulate the tourism market order, but in 3 years, the tourism of repeated chaos. Travel chaos hidden behind what legal issues? How to cure the ills of travel chaos? Reporters interviewed the experts. Travel chaos happens repeatedly, civil and economic law of China University of Political Science and Law professor Zheng Junguo said in an interview with reporters, an important cause of travel chaos continuous fermentation is the information asymmetry of tourism supply and demand. "Go to a local tourism, but can not find the authority of the tourism information, can only allow the arrangement of the travel agency, after all, people are not" tourism know-it-all "." Zheng Junguo said. Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, vice president of Chinese Consumer Association Liu Junhai believes that the reason of travel chaos repeated nothing less than three points: individual enterprises unscrupulous mercenary, irrational consumers confused by false advertising, the regulatory authorities of the presence of regulatory loopholes and blind. He further explained that when the autonomy in the market and the enterprise can not be cautious, if regulatory loopholes and blind travel chaos to get the real solution. "The market is not immortal, in the interests of enterprises will become irrational. At this time the government regulation has become a stable Dinghaishenzhen tourism market "." Liu Junhai believes that the market size of the growing contradiction between tourism and departments lack of supervision, supervision and do not form a cohesive force, the Department of industry and commerce, the Department of tourism, law enforcement departments of the Kowloon flood phenomenon prominent, lead to regulatory loopholes and blind. Now there is a clear focus on the development of Tourism Regulation light norms, efficiency and fairness, re innovation and good faith, heavy light safety phenomenon, which is the cause of the existence of a short board itself regulation." Liu Junhai said. In the end who travel chaos and according to reports, Yunnan Lijiang tour guide in the National Day period ", the final irony of tourists involved too stingy to pull out a hair" travel agency for violation of the provisions of article ninety-sixth of travel law was fined 20 thousand yuan, travel agency, Yang was fined 10 thousand yuan. At the same time, according to the "Regulations on the management of tour guides" sixteenth provisions, for someone to guide a certain amount of cattle to $20 thousand. "All kinds of travel chaos not only makes the tour guides and travel agencies have been punished, stakeholders in the local tourism industry chain will be" harmed ", even cause adverse effects on the local culture." Zheng Junguo believes that these acts not only violated the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers, but will breed a lot of disputes, and even lead to criminal. Liu Junhai stressed that the current exposure of large travel chaos, most of them violated the personal rights and property rights, the right of visitors even bargain or the right to choose. Some of the circumstances are bad, and may even constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law." How to play the role of dishonesty sanctions mechanism this year相关的主题文章: