How to break the cultural industry capital the birth of the bubble in the film is particularly evide winbook

How to break the cultural industry capital: bubble is particularly evident in the film – Beijing in recent years, China’s cultural industry is hot, favored by the capital, "the combination of more and more popular culture + capital". This year, China Film Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai film Limited by Share Ltd and other state-owned cultural enterprises have been listed. The entry of capital will undoubtedly provide a strong impetus for the development of cultural industries, but the blind investment, quality decline and other issues also appear. However, with the domestic movie box office market slowdown, listed companies to price valuation mergers and acquisitions Film Company enthusiasm rapid cooling, "capital" and "hot" tide. "Culture + capital", not just capital game. How to avoid "like a swarm of bees" phenomenon, build a healthy relationship and win-win coexistence, still need careful consideration. The birth of the bubble, integration, the influx of capital has dual influence of "cultural industry funding is very extensive, some non professional sources of funds may snatch will like a swarm of bees ground, crazy, adding to the hot industry, but misleading industry trends." About the possible negative impact to the cultural industry capital operation, vice president of a cultural investment fund said, "using VR technology as an example, because this industry is too hot, resulting in many projects ridiculously high prices." The influx of capital spawned a bubble, which is particularly evident in the film and television industry. In 2010 after the national box office exceeded 10 billion yuan, in 2015, the national box office exceeded $44 billion. Box office up to 2 billion 400 million yuan, "catch the demon", about $1 billion 600 million, "Hong Kong", followed by "Sherlock trouble"…… The movie is no longer a very rare domestic box office, the film market China stride forward singing militant songs also ignited the enthusiasm of financial capital. However, the problem also follows. At the beginning of being hot "IP MAN 3" box office fraud is still very fresh, behind the incident is brain hole wide open, the capital operation of the game: "IP MAN 3" investment for its box office guarantee by the association of corporate fraud, money from the capital market arbitrage. This is a typical case of capital speculation, by creating a false box office to hype the two capital market." Wei Pengju, Dean of the school of culture and communication, Central University of Finance and Economics. Too much capital into the make fast money has become a trend, hot money, the influx of fast money, but some investors do not have a reasonable project investment". On the star, IP sought no longer stay on the screen. There are a lot of stars in film and television companies, the establishment of a listed company buying star, the price of shares is very casual. The industry believes that this kind of "I love you" type of high premium acquisitions frequently staged, will damage the ecological industry, is not conducive to sustainable development. Worry more than that. Wei Pengju believes that the investment and financing process may make some companies lose their edge, the value of culture may also be due to the decline of capital speculation. Innovation and creativity as the core of the cultural industry with low consumption of resources, high economic returns, easy docking with new technologies, easy to integrate with the relevant industries and other characteristics, as a sunrise industry. Smell sensitive capital of fashion, make it become pursued darling. Both from the outside of the capital, but also the expansion of the industry’s capital." Wei Pengju said. )相关的主题文章: