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Hongkong hope to reshape the "hospitality" image – Hong Kong – people.com.cn Golden Bauhinia Square in Hongkong. Newspaper reporter Wu Yaming photo "eleven" golden week in all walks of life in Hongkong launched a number of initiatives and activities to welcome visitors from the mainland tourists, in order to have a happy holiday, remodeling "hospitality" image. The SAR government’s immigration figures show that from September 30th to October 10th, there will be about 9 million 80 thousand passengers by sea, land and air traffic control station in Hongkong, an increase of about 5.2% over the same period last year. About 75% of the passengers will pass through the land port. Relevant departments of the SAR government will strengthen manpower at various ports during the National Day golden week, and coordinate transportation and customs clearance services. The inter departmental joint command centre, established by the Immigration Department, the police and the relevant departments, will be launched during the golden week to monitor the situation of land control stations and take measures. In addition, the customs and police will strengthen the inspection of special reception mainland groups of visitors shop. Under the coordination of the tourism department, the major scenic spots in Hongkong will be appropriately extended during the golden week, and the arrangements for the control of the flow of people. The Tourism Bureau released figures show that 28 visitors in August, the amount of decline in reproduction, the overall passenger volume fell by 9.4% yoy, which fell 11.3% year-on-year to mainland visitors, some industry insiders worry "eleven" golden week will no longer. Hongkong Travel Council director general Dong Yaozhong told reporters that in recent years the mainland tourists travel choice is more diversified, the number of golden week mainland inbound tours have declined, but individual visitors can still maintain a certain number of. Hongkong close to the mainland, shopping convenience, with the mainland’s language and food habits interlinked, still has the advantages and attractiveness. According to Dong Yaozhong introduction, in the face of the current downturn in tourism, tourism industry in Hongkong will do a good job of tourists, efforts to reshape the hospitality of Hongkong image. Hongkong’s retail, catering and other tourism related industries have been aimed at the eleven golden week launched special promotions, we are looking forward to usher in the golden week more mainland tourists. The reporter saw in Tongluowan Hongkong core business district, some businesses have been put on the golden week promotional banners and posters. In the cosmetics chain Bonjour and colourmix, consultant told reporters, in order to meet the "eleven" golden week, a store price promotions, in addition to cooperation with Alipay, WeChat and other mainland also launched online payment platform, pay bribe and other promotions. During the golden week, Hongkong’s two theme parks also launched a variety of theme activities and promotional measures to attract tourists to visit. It is understood that from September 15th to 31 days, residents of Guangdong province to be able to purchase $755 yuan Hongkong Disneyland Disney pass 3. Ocean Park is working with micro-blog and other social media platforms, in October to promote "hello" Halloween activities. In terms of security, the rights of travelers team Dong Yaozhong said the brigade parliament will continue to implement the strengthening the regulation of mainland inbound tours, received a series of measures to ensure that the arrangement of the mainland visitors get good service in Hongkong. Brigade parliament will deploy more staff to special during the golden week)相关的主题文章: