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From all walks of life in Hongkong: the National People’s Congress early release method can have a stabilizing effect – the news agency of the new network in Hongkong in November 5, Hongkong (Lin Yuxing) more than the legal profession and the politicians 5 accept China News Agency reporters interview that two members of the Legislative Council had designate oath to promote Hong Kong Independence, Hongkong caused strong social the National People’s Congress condemned, early release method is the most thorough practice, can play a stabilizing role in the long-term development of Hongkong. Gu Minkang, vice president of the school of law, City University Hong Kong, said, according to the basic law 158th, the right to interpret the law belongs to the Standing Committee of the National People’s congress. Therefore, a part of the National People’s Congress of the power of legal interpretation in fact is the judicial system of Hongkong. "The interpretation of the law of the people’s Congress provides an authoritative guide to the judicial proceedings of the high court of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) in respect of the oath of allegiance of the two" Hong Kong Independence "members." Gu Minkang said. He Junyao, former president of the Hongkong Bar Association and a member of the Hongkong legislative council. He pointed out that the CFA as early as 1999, the National People’s Congress on the issue of the right of abode in Hong Kong for the first time after the interpretation, the interpretation power of the Standing Committee of the NPC is confirmed from the "People’s Republic of China constitution" and contained in the basic law, and belongs to the general power without restriction, to a total of 160 basic law provisions for final interpretation. The 4 National People’s Congress interpretation past all is well. He Junyao said that the two members elect deliberately paralyzed Parliament for more than 4 weeks of operation, the legislative and judicial system of a serious impact on Hongkong, destroy the rule of law in Hongkong are the international image, and the promote Hong Kong Independence and is related to national sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Standing Committee of national people’s Congress proposed the interpretation of the law in the present it is perfectly acceptable. Event reflects the interpretation of the NPC Standing Committee is to defend the rule of law in Hongkong bottom line, He Junyao said. Hongkong Democratic Alliance (DAB), chairman of the Hongkong Legislative Council Li Huiqiong said that the people of Hongkong are generally to the involved members elect "disgrace China" speech and the impact of the Legislative Council condemned, many people think we should cancel the membership. At present, someone who claims to challenge the "one country, two systems" and affect national unity, the situation is worrying. Therefore, facing the problem of the DAB in support of major issues issues of right and wrong, the Standing Committee of the npc. DAB lawmaker Chen Hengbin pointed out that in the General Assembly earlier on the legislation, the two officers involved members elect Qiang Chuang hall, and attempted to own oath, causing a number of Legislative Council security personnel were injured, disrupting the violence legislation will order the public resentment, plus Hong Kong Independence ideas have the opportunity to grow period in a lengthy judicial review procedure, the National People’s Congress early release method is the most thorough practice, can play a stabilizing role in the long-term development of Hongkong. NPC deputies, Hongkong Federation Chairman Wu Qiubei said, Hongkong more than two of all trade unions involved were not loyal to the People’s Republic of China Hongkong Special Administrative Region and the basic law and expressed indignation and absolute support is the NPC Standing Committee law interpretation. If the judicial review procedure is delayed, it will lead to higher public opinion, which is unfavorable to the SAR Government in the long run相关的主题文章: