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The bad news: Hongkong Asia TV broadcast news petition, sina finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through the mechanism cards in Hongkong. On 6 February, (reporter Li Zhuolong) Hongkong Asia Television Ltd (ATV) has yet to solve the problem of wages, including chief operating officer Ma Xi, has been more than high turnover at the same time, to face the problem of liquidation, businessman Wang Zheng to ATV main creditor identity, has been to the Hongkong high court to apply for provisional liquidation order. ATV 6 announced, immediately suspend all the channels of news reports. Some of the staff has not yet issued ATV in December last year the salary of all employees did not receive salary last month. 5 days of paid ATV originally promised, ultimately failed to deliver the bad news, since the evening of 5 is connected to a more outgoing, which ma hee in met with the media staff to apologize, announced his resignation. In addition, ATV before the main investor Wang Zheng said in a statement: in view of the new investors Si Rongbin failed to fulfill its obligations, to avoid confusion, he as the main creditor, has been to the Hongkong High Court submitted a petition to atv. It is reported that the case is scheduled to April 13th. On the evening of 5, although the ATV evening news as usual at 10:30 in the evening broadcast, only two anchor in the news at the end to "see you again". 6 morning, still have employees to return to work at the headquarters of the ATV ATV Po, but also the staff holding a bag of ATV bag items left. ATV public relations and Publicity Department Senior Manager Huang Shoudong confirmed to News Agency reporters, ATV immediately suspend all the channels of news reports. Huang Shoudong said, the head of news for objective assessment of ATV, ATV in hand or other objective conditions are not available under the condition of no choice, the need to suspend the news channel. Asked the news broadcast will last long, Huang Shoudong said, may have to wait until after the Lunar New Year holiday, let the new board of directors or executives, understand the company’s actual situation, to study whether recovery of the news broadcast. The HKSAR Government Communications Authority (Communications Bureau) Office spokesman said, according to the ATV free television programme service licence to ATV every afternoon from 6 pm to 12 midnight in the Chinese and English channels, each play at least two times detailed news reports, not less than 15 minutes each time. The communications bureau said that if the licensee violates the provisions of "broadcasting regulations" or licence terms, depending on the severity and nature of offence, will impose a penalty in different degrees. The authorities will continue to closely monitor the latest development of the event, whether this monitoring operation is in compliance with the regulatory requirements of atv. The SAR Government Secretary for labour and Welfare Bureau Zhang Jianzong when meeting with the media, said that at present, the ATV for employees have not receive wages, feel very sad, promised to do everything possible to help them. The labour department has contacted some large Hongkong broadcasters, including more than 260 television industry vacancies. Zhang Jianzong estimates that there are more than 400 ATV employees wages in arrears, the authorities will require a clear account of ATV whether employees still need to work, or announced the closure. 6 pm, on ATV wage issues, the government organized labour department employees on the right

香港亚洲电视坏消息频传:被申请清盘、停播新闻 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   中新社香港2月6日电(记者 李焯龙)香港亚洲电视有限公司(亚视)至今还未解决欠薪问题,包括营运总裁马熙在内的多名高层已相继离职,同时要面对清盘问题,商人王征以亚视主要债权人身份,已向香港高等法院申请临时清盘令。亚视6日宣布,即日起暂停各频道的新闻报道。   亚视部分员工至今仍未获发去年12月薪金,全部员工也未收到上月薪金。亚视原本承诺5日发薪,最终未能兑现,而坏消息自5日晚起更一则接一则传出,其中马熙在会见传媒向员工致歉后,宣布辞职。   另外,亚视前主要投资者王征发表声明称:鉴于新投资者司荣彬未能履行义务,为避免混乱局面持续,他作为主要债权人,已向香港高等法院递交亚视清盘申请。据报,案件排期至4月13日处理。   5日晚,亚视的晚间新闻虽然如常在晚上10时半播出,唯两位主播在新闻结束时以“有缘再会”作结。   6日早上,仍有亚视员工返回亚视大埔总部上班,但也有亚视员工拿着一袋袋物品离开。亚视公关及宣传科高级经理黄守东向中新社记者证实,亚视即日起暂停各频道的新闻报道。   黄守东说,经亚视新闻部主管客观评估后,亚视在人手或其他客观条件均不具备的情况下,别无选择,需要暂停各频道的新闻报道。   被问到停播新闻的情况会维持多久,黄守东表示,可能要等到农历新年假期后,让董事会或新的主管人员,了解公司实际的状况,才研究会否恢复新闻广播。   特区政府通讯事务管理局(通讯局)办公室发言人回应称,根据亚视免费电视节目服务牌照,亚视须于每天下午6时至午夜12时在其中文及英文频道,各播放最少两次详尽新闻报道,每次不少于15分钟。   通讯局表示,若持牌机构违反《广播条例》或牌照条款的规定,视乎违例事件的严重程度及性质,会施加不同程度的罚则。当局会继续密切留意事件最新发展,�监察亚视的运作是否符合规管要求。   特区政府劳工及福利局局长张建宗会见传媒时表示,年关在即,对于亚视员工仍未取得工资,觉得很难过,承诺会尽一切努力帮助他们。劳工处已联络香港一些大型广播机构,搜罗了260多个电视行业的职位空缺。   张建宗估计,有400多名亚视员工被拖欠薪金,当局定会要求亚视清晰交代员工是否仍需要上班,或是宣布结业。   6日下午,就亚视欠薪问题,特区政府劳工处举办雇员权益简介会,期间约70名亚视员工出席,当中包括艺人及配音组员工。简介会主要是向亚视员工,讲解香港法例下的雇员权益,�向相关员工提供就业服务等资讯。   亚视是香港其中一家免费电视台,于1957年5月29日成立,是全球第一家中文电视台。亚视曾辉煌一时,但近年经历多次股权变动,近期屡次传出拖欠员工薪金。   香港特区政府去年4月1日宣布,不再向亚视续发免费电视牌照。这是香港广播史上,行政会议首次不为现有广播机构续牌。(完) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: