Homosexuality is mentally ill case to postpone the hearing the parties to apply for the transfer of melia kreiling

"Homosexuality is mentally ill case to postpone the hearing the parties to apply for a new card – Taking Henan Beijing" gay is mentally ill case to postpone the hearing the parties apply for the transfer of new evidence has "mental illness" compulsory treatment for 19 days is gay, Henan man Wang Ming (a pseudonym) was sent to Zhumadian city mental hospital "compulsory medical treatment" 19 days. Get away from the hospital, Wang Ming psychiatric hospital to court, asked the hospital to apologize and pay for mental solatium 10 thousand yuan. This should be the case in the 21 trial, but due to the transfer of Wang Ming for a new evidence, the case to postpone the hearing. Gay is mentally ill 19 days Wang Ming gay was found out by his wife in October 8, 2015, intended to divorce with his wife, but several relatives were suddenly tied, then sent to a psychiatric hospital in Zhumadian city. Wang Ming said relatives seem to have played with the hospital, in the past, he did not carry out any communication, inspection, directly tied him to the bed of the mental ward. In spite of Wang Ming’s explanation, the hospital, in the name of "sexual preference disorder", forced him to treat, and often forced him to take medicine. Wang Ming was placed in the isolation ward, he was always looking for a chance to go out. His friends that he was in the hospital every day, went to the hospital to visit but requirements are not allowed, then they reported to the police at the local, let the police come to the hospital for treatment of hospital illegal restriction of personal freedom, the compulsory treatment. October 26, 2015, the hospital was compromised so that the family will take home. So far he has been treated for 19 days. Said in a hospital suffering from mental insult Wang Ming memories, people in the hospital when his doctor said he was gay, "they looked at me very strange, and people laugh at me, I can feel that they look down on me." Wang Ming said that some people in the mental hospital knew he was a man, but still took off his clothes and said to see if he was a man or a woman". And some nurses are laughing at him". Wang Ming recalls: "they just started to let me take medicine, and then said to me to smoke treatment, because to see someone because not good medicine to be hit, I chose to obey, feel very weak." Apply for a postponement of the hearing of cases in the police records transferred out from the mental hospital, because worry about relatives will be sent to the hospital for treatment, Wang Ming and friends went to another city, began to drift of working life. A chance, Wang Ming learned that the Beijing Haidian court has sentenced a gay "treatment" cases, the parties because the shock treatment of psychological mechanism after suing the organization won, and decided to sue Zhumadian city psychiatric hospital. According to Wang Ming’s attorney Huang Rui, the case was originally planned September 21st hearing, but because Wang Ming court for the transfer of public security organs of the police records, the court held that the evidence is the key evidence, decided to postpone the hearing. For the proposed transfer of the police records, Huang Rui said that if the police records and treatment advice about Wang Ming forced medical records, you can direct proof of Wang Zhu相关的主题文章: