Hisense push 922 super brand flagship Internet TV vidaa v1- Sohu Technology super bass

Hisense 922 super brand flagship Internet TV VIDAA V1- science and technology Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) when the | Yi Yuan September October holidays together is the television industry sales season, Hisense took the opportunity to launch 922 super day. Hisense as a traditional TV companies, the 922 super brand day flagship is the V1 series VIDAA Internet TV, in appearance, screen, Internet services and traditional TV is very different. The appearance of the process with the upgrading of television technology, ultra-thin, all metals have become the norm. VIDAA V1 configuration of the mainstream 55 inch big screen, with 8.9mm slim, and uses a metal shaped one bending design, with curved screen 4000R gold curvature, make whole design more scientific tv. Quality VIDAA V1 equipped with a 4K screen, ultimate achieved under the NTSC standard 100% color gamut coverage. VIDAA V1 supports the whole HDR, and with Hisense’s own R & D ULED ultra image display technology and the third generation of quantum dot technology, quality to be clearer. The content of Internet content services online content is the core of Internet content competition. VIDAA V1, Iqiyi ICNTV, the integration of China, Tencent and other multi platform video content, with more than 150 thousand TV sets, 15000+ movie content resources, as many as 1 million + hours, average daily TV drama resources update in 10 above. VIDAA Internet TV users do not even buy members, there are still 92% Free HD content to watch, and 1080P HD video resources accounted for more than 90%.相关的主题文章: