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| hiking in Tawau? I just want to be with nature deep – Sohu tourism sometimes the best scenery in the head movement area and in the depths of very fast-paced life of people in impetuous lost will slow down to pure precipitation field walk to find their own initial categories: hiking travel light outdoor skills: hiking camping in Quanzhou – Putian – Quanzhou team this maximum number: 35 minimum requirements: 25, the only ancient trail here no city bustling village only quiet no flat along the highway is the ancient city gate remains of primitive forest steep canyon clear streams and that I do not know the years have scattered Adobe into the smell of the fragrant grass listening to the birds and insects to feel "you Ming Fujian ten classic hiking routes" and "Xiao Wu Mountain Power "Different customs in travel highlights 1 hiking close to nature is our ultimate purpose of hiking in the canyon between Zhuhai through forest streams and waterfalls may you enjoy the attention and devotion which finally looked at sunset silhouetted against the lake enjoy the nature of your best compliment 2 foot walking on the road to play water canyon on the way to listen to the sound of water gurgling rapids that looked at the clear the pool as calm cold stream swept away the body tired, together across the village, no one here, do not feel the same" Water Splashing Festival "3 mountain Tianchi 987 meters above sea level here was where the volcano basin water into the lake here and green grass here is known as" Fujian power Takeshi mountain "here is the first East Tianchi Tawau Tianchi 4 sunrise afterglow Tawau peak elevation of nearly 1000 wind, cold night, as lack of hydropower So still willing to rare stars, sunrise, clouds and waiting for the itinerary: Day 1 07:30 Quanzhou designated location set. (about 3.5 hours by car). Holidays or in case of weather and other special circumstances, we may make adjustments to the starting time, specifically, 2 days prior to departure notice. 11:30 arrived in Ocean Township, everyone at their own expense lunch. 13:00 arrived in Tawau on the road today starting point – "San Tang Palace". 16:30 more than three hours of walking, we finally came to the "no man village", not far from what we are looking for Tawau tianchi. 17:30 set up their own tents, exercise your ability to time, tent building skills get! 19:00 camping dinner. 20:00 fire carnival! Look at the stars on the head, feel the quiet night. Day 2 06:00 Tawau summit the highest point, see the sunrise. 07:00 get up to eat breakfast, with a small partner to share it. After the meal, we pack up their tents. 08:00 surround Tawau hiking circle, high mountains and lofty hills, feel the charm of nature. 08:30 ready to go down the mountain, easy to climb the mountain, down the mountain, the housework must be careful. 12:00 everyone in the Ocean Township frequency相关的主题文章: