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"Hey, kids" plot MV Exposure pictures made by the famous director Yazhou Yang to tears – Jiang Wenli stills Guo Xiaodong stills Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news laugh in the latest emotional drama "Hey," children will be landing in Zhejiang TV Chinese blue theater in November 7th. The play brings together Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, Qi Xi and Han Qing star power, especially in the popular niche Zheng Kai, is looking forward to the parties. The day before, the drama "zebra, zebra" plot MV in the online exposure of the video, "cheetah" Zheng Kai’s guitar like a talk. With the melodious sentimental music, the three couples have staged the joys and sorrows of emotional entanglements, the picture is very sensational, touched a lot of friends. "Hey," children of MV exposure, Zheng Kai’s song "zebra, zebra" melodious and moving with the TV series "Hey, kids" broadcast is approaching, the audience of the show is also looking forward to soaring. Over the past few days, the show is not only exposed the various posters, trailers, also released the song "zebra, zebra," the story MV. Zebra, zebra is the role of the south of the Yangtze River, exclusive song, MV, the south of the play Zheng Kai since the performance of the singer to sing quickly attracted a lot of attention. It is understood that Zheng Kai played the south of the Yangtze River is a wandering singer, young and vibrant, brilliant. MV in the south of the Yangtze River in front of the microphone, holding the guitar, singing, voice of the vicissitudes of life, the melodious sound of the guitar, and the lyrics convey a touch of sadness instantly caught the listener’s heart. A lot of people who have seen the MV said, was moved by this song". It is understood that "Hey, kids" this MV first released in the music video after just two days, it attracted 800 thousand visitors click on the watch, which shows the audience love for MV and the "Hey," the children of great expectation. "Hey, kids" sensational scenes full of surprise, their life is ups and downs of the release of "Hey," children of the MV have a more dramatic emotional scenes. With the melodious songs, the emotion of the characters in a sentimental atmosphere diffuse. In the song sings "I don’t want to touch you, wound scar, every relationship in fact play a unique scar. Jiang Wenli and Guo Xiaodong as the Party of Yun and Qin Shuanzhu couple, "experience is the loss of the mourning party," I want to have a rhyme cry child, grief and despair, a middle-aged couple without child pain. Li Xiaoran and Liu Tianzuo played Jia Yuanyuan, Fang Le couples, is facing the "identity of war, pretty smart wife and lazy husband, that music is often caught in" I don’t deserve her "pain. Qi Xi and Han Qing as the direction, is the Beijing couple, they have experienced the "age of war, even as strong bold direction, shouting" love he is old, but with the passage of time, life’s troubles, their situation is a feather. Life is not only a debauch of romance, and the reality of the fuel, a few couples have feelings to the final destination, their "son wars" and how will have the full story, but also the audience in Zhejiang TV broadcast China blue theater to find the answer.相关的主题文章: