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Mortgage-Refinance A fixed mortgage is one alternative which you can pick to finance your home. This is an attractive alternative because the interest rate is fixed at a constant rate for the entire duration of the loan. Stability is the main characteristic of a fixed mortgage deal. Such fixed rate provides you a definite direction in terms of your loan repayment even with the occurence of unexpected market shocks which may raise interest rates in the market. With a fixed rate mortgage determined by the market, how can you possibly find cheap fixed rate mortgage deals? There is a tight .petition among financial institutions. The cheap fixed rate mortgage deals may be offered to you smoothly if you pursue these pointers: Maintain your good credit scores Make sure that your credit report is not tainted with payment defaults and cases of late payments. A bad credit report is tantamount to the rejection of your mortgage application or any loan application for that matter. A bad credit report can also be attributed to faulty report which you must look into. Justify your capability to pay If you can show a constant stream of in.e whether from your employment or from your own business, this is a confidence builder for financiers or financial institutions to offer you cheap fixed mortgage deals. However, if your employment record is unstable, you may not even hurdle the initial screening stage. Propose higher house equity If you are a new home buyer, tendering a higher house equity than the regular range is a good strategy for transacting a cheap fixed rate mortgage deal. Normally the equity hovers within 20 to 25 percent level. Financial institutions tend to be more flexible if they relase a lower cash out level. You can locate cheap fixed rate mortgage deals if you possess an excellent credit report, present a stable source of revenue and extend a higher house equity. It is easier said than done. But all of these tips are highly doable. Your dream house is within reach and all lies on on you on how you make that dream to .e true. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: