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He has made the most profitable real estate Internet products – Sohu technology original title: he had to create the most profitable real estate Internet products, and now the restructuring of the global real estate configuration platform! Mentioned road founder Huang Xiaodan, had to mention his 8 years of housing career. Huang Xiaodan on a position is the general manager of the U.S. stock market listings of listed companies, and SouFun (Xianfang world) is China’s largest real estate Internet platform, the market value of the peak of nearly $10 billion. Start at the grassroots level, 2 years promoted product director, until the marketing to the management group, can be described as quite smooth, and product, marketing, management of multiple experiences, and even make his executives better future. While talking about why entrepreneurship, he said, has experienced a process of struggle were from a few hundred to tens of thousands of people listed, very much hope that they can go to the challenge, and strive to create a value business, but the more important reason is the real entrepreneurs from the outset to determine their own life. In 2009, the marketing center director Huang Xiaodan, SouFun, in that year, he led the team to create China first real estate transactions and financial services platform SouFun business, creating a new way of trading, has brought hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the company, in 2014 he took over the group cooperation business, the layout of the country’s more than and 40 rapidly city management more than 4 thousand people, in one year, he is in charge of the group has billions of transactions, the coverage rate and the volume of transactions has made a lot of other institutions housing can not catch up, way ahead of dominant position, but in the end of 2014, he decided to leave his alma mater "from the housing, and Wang Hao (United Front mafengwo founding team member), Lu Chaobo (worked for car, car rental, kuxun help CTO) together to create a global real estate online configuration platform" The road uoolu, and attracted former SouFun IR director, assistant chairman Zhang Yiwen added, she had two stocks listed company strategic market business formation, and has experienced international investment and market operation ability, is responsible for the marketing department of the road. So far, there are road core team building, to begin a new journey. Why do overseas asset allocation? Because this is a very difficult but a huge gold market! The project in the early, Huang Xiaodan and two other co founders to mention cross-border investment, a variety of extremely difficult problems have to, "was off the cost", "low long chain" and "how to" scale "what products are cut to break the core point. Huang Xiaodan believes that overseas asset allocation is a closed-loop test team ability of fighting, if trader team do not have platform combat capability, reconfigurable capability of products and industry strong, severe operating experience, it is difficult to win. Why is there a road in front of the tuyere has been started, is relying on years of planning and commercial products to combat a line of combat. The vision is to help Chinese people to invest and manage global real estate. He mentioned that the simple connection can not solve the user’s needs, O2O model is more suitable for the field of light services, many blind spots overseas investment users, complex links, the need for online and offline composite.相关的主题文章: