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Advertising CPA marketing stands for Cost Per Action marketing or Cost Per Acquisition marketing, and it’s an advertising strategy that’s starting to gain some notice in the online world. If you haven’t heard about CPA marketing or don’t really know what it’s all about, you’re in good .pany. I venture to guess that a lot of "gurus" don’t know too much about the subject. So let’s see if we can shed a little light on the subject! CPA Marketing in A Nutshell Cost per acquisition marketing is an online advertising model where the advertiser only pays for a specified action linked to the advertisement. For example, if you run a banner on a website and only pay the website owner whenever someone clicks on the banner and subscribes to your newsletter, that would be a CPA marketing campaign. I’m sure you can immediately see the benefit of running such a campaign – you only pay for actual subscribers, rather than paying for clicks or impressions. This is by far the most lucrative form of advertising currently available to online businesses. CPA Marketing is really an advertisers dream. You can run a cost per action marketing campaign for nearly any out.e you choose, but most online businesses use it for purchases, free trials, subscribers, zero friction, etc. If you’ve seen the advertisements where you’re required to put your name and email to get a coupon or be submitted for a chance to win something, then you’re already familiar with the concept behind this form of advertising. How Can You Benefit From CPA Marketing? Although cost per action has been around for a long time, there have been some interesting developments in the industry recently. The most beneficial development for most of us is that there are now a large variety of advertising networks available to advertise your offer. Many of the full-service firms will even help you form your campaign, design your creatives, and even help you with your landing pages. Not only are there a large number of advertising networks that offer CPA marketing, but there is also a variety of methods of showing your advertisements now available through these networks. You ad now has the opportunity to be shown in a full page pop under, pop over, email, contextual ad, banner, survey, form, etc. There are tons of choices and lots of opportunity to profit, especially in zero friction campaigns. CPA Marketing And Affiliates And that brings me to the other evolution of cost per action. As an affiliate, you have a lot of opportunities to offer CPA advertisements on your website – beyond the normal pay per .mission affiliate program. As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a lot more affiliate .mission through cost per acquisition marketing because it’s generally easier to pre-sell your website visitors on those kinds of offers. After all, it’s generally easier to get visitors to fill out a form or request more information about something than it is to get them to pull out their wallets. Of course, there is also a downside. It’s often more difficult to get approved to join CPA affiliate programs than it is to be approved for your normal, run of the mill affiliate program. In fact, I recently came across a statistic that only about 10% of applicants are approved for programs within CPA .works. If you can get approved, you can earn some serious affiliate revenue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: