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Hard just curitiba! The catch and shoot the three one can let him second place Curitiba catch and shoot three points hit second Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 12th, for a pure three shooter, the key shooting ability is "catch and shoot", barely shot is not a striker to do, open shots the opportunity is not often, it is the ability to catch and shoot a pure shooter that has the most. In all of last season played more than 500 minutes of time, at least 41 hit three points players, will be divided into three shot all their catch and shoot the statistics, you can see the shooting which three broke up the most accurate shooting. As the three worst League Curitiba shooter, his catch and shoot the three hit rate of 48.8%, higher than the overall 45.4% of his season with three points hit rate, which is also in line with expectations, "catch and shoot" shooting rhythm, for the shooter is more likely to score. Curry last season, a total of 363 times three points out "catch and shoot", hit 177 record, but the library percentage is second in the league, ranking first in the last season in the summer, was traded to the Pacers Geoff teague. Teague last season with 113 catches threw three point shots, hit 56, 49.6% hit rate is the highest in the league. The third is Reddick, last season he 421 times three separate hands, 318 times from the catch and shoot, thanks to Paul’s assists, Reddick also hit the 154 ball three ball, hit rate of 48.4%. Reddick is ready to shoot the three ball instantly catch and shoot three percentage ranked fourth and fifth respectively is the bucks and Bayles Miami Richardson; and Della Vedova, knight to give up the contract, the hit rate of 46.9%, sixth in the League last season, he also hit a total of 75 down catch three vote, the Spurs beat the core of Leonard ranked seventh and ranked eighth in Toronto core lori. For Leonard, he shot 291 times last season, a total of three points, hit 129 record, which comes from the catch and shoot three shots for 222 points, means Leonard will not easily to barely three point shots, the Spurs in the system, he also obtained more easily catch and shoot opportunities and even vacancy three shots. Kawayidi foot three points in ninth and tenth respectively in the last season with the Pacers George Hill and bucks Middleton. Interestingly, the Bucks last season in the League three points hit the least number of teams, they averaged only 5.4 team record three points, three points more bikori individuals, but there are two players, a catch and shoot three hits are ranked top 10 in the league. (Gavin)相关的主题文章: