Harbin, Songbei government responded to tourists to eat fish slaughtered million yuan to investigate unfccc

Harbin Songbei government responded to tourists to eat the fish slaughtered million investigation – Sohu news Legal Evening News News (feature reporter Chen Guang) this morning, a Jiangsu tourists broke the news on the Internet, called the Spring Festival dinner slaughtered a hotel in Harbin, spent more than ten thousand yuan rmb. The government of Harbin, Songbei, told the Legal Evening News that the investigation would be launched immediately. This morning, a Jiangsu Changzhou tourist named "Chen Yan" released his family experience with Harbin on the Internet during the Spring Festival, claiming that he was dining in Harbin, a wild fish village in Songbei, and was charged 10302 yuan for the meal when he checked out. Chen Yan also showed a stream of documents, which recorded the dishes and drinks, according to print time shows that the meal is in February 9, 2016, that is, in the evening of the second day of the lunar year eat. According to the documents show a total of three points, respectively, to catch fish, fish and fish before Huso dauricus, two kinds of fish are 298 yuan per kilogram, the price is 398 yuan per kilogram of fish. The number of documents displayed in the column, the number is 14 40 which?, what is pounds or kilograms units did not show. At the end of the document, the payable amount is 10302 yuan. Legal Evening News reporter learned that someone’s north shore fish village is located in Harbin city of Songbei, is located in a new residential area of the store room yiyuan. At noon this evening, the Legal Evening News reporter (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) called someone’s Hotel, the hotel staff answered the phone said, if you book reservations, you can book immediately, but do not accept interviews. Subsequently, the staff hung up the phone, reporters call again, no one answered. At noon today, Legal Evening News reporter a telephone interview with the Harbin city Songbei district Party Committee Propaganda Department, Songbei District Propaganda Department said the tourists reflect the problem has been found, the relevant departments meeting this morning special district research and the deployment of the program, this afternoon will begin to investigate. After investigation, once found that the situation is true, will be dealt with severely by some businesses and related departments, absolutely not appeasement. At the same time, the relevant departments also told the Legal Evening News (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216), before the Spring Festival, has been within the jurisdiction of all the catering business and hospitality enterprises launched a check, once the problem is true, it may also be the business during the Spring Festival without making the behavior, but in any case, the government will strictly investigate, believe that consumers will be a satisfactory answer.

哈尔滨松北政府回应游客吃鱼被宰万元 展开调查-搜狐新闻   法制晚报快讯(特稿记者 辰光)今天上午,一名江苏籍游客在网络上爆料,称其春节期间在哈尔滨一饭店吃饭被宰,花费人民币超过一万元。   哈尔滨松北政府向法制晚报表示,将立即启动调查。   今天上午,一个名叫“陈岩”的江苏常州游客通过网络发布了他和家人春节期间在哈尔滨的遭遇,称其在哈尔滨一家名为松北野生鱼村用餐,结账时被收取了10302.00元的餐费。   陈岩还展示了一张流水单据,上面记录了其所吃的菜品和酒水,根据打印时间显示,这顿饭是2016年2月9日,也就是大年初二的晚上吃的。   按照单据显示一共点了三种鱼,分别是雅罗鱼、赶条鱼和鳇鱼,前两种鱼都是298元每斤,鳇鱼价格为398元每斤。   在单据的数量一栏显示,鳇鱼的数量为14?40,计量单位到底是斤还是公斤并没有显示。在单据的结尾,显示应付金额为10302元。   法制晚报记者了解到,涉事的北岸鱼村位于哈尔滨市松北区,位于一个叫新新怡园的住宅小区的门市房中。   今天中午,法制晚报记者(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)致电涉事的饭店,该饭店接电话的工作人员表示,如果是预订用餐可以立即预订,但不接受采访。随后该工作人员挂断电话,记者再次拨打,均无人接听。   今天中午,法制晚报记者电话采访了哈尔滨市松北区区委宣传部,松北区委宣传部表示,已经发现了游客所反映的问题,今天上午区委有关部门专题开会研究并部署了方案,今天下午开始将即着手展开调查。经过调查一旦发现情况属实,将对涉事商家和有关部门严肃处理,绝对不姑息迁就。   同时有关部门还向法制晚报(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)介绍,在春节之前,已经对辖区内的所有餐饮企业和接待企业展开过检查,这个问题一旦属实,那也可能是商家在春节期间擅自作出的行为,但无论如何,政府都会严格调查,相信一定会被消费者一个满意的答复。相关的主题文章: