Harbin Beltway a trailer bridge fell into the ice lake express boondoggle dataload

Harbin Beltway a trailer bridge fell into the ice lake express Daliaoshuipiao yesterday morning, occurred in Harbin high-speed willow lake bridge together with the vehicle crashed into a bridge accident. In the accident, a large trailer pulled shipped nearly 20 tons of breakbulk cargo boondoggle, a driver was lucky to escape in time to hospital. Yesterday morning, reporters came to the scene to see, the bridge vehicle broke through the outside of the bridge guardrail into the bridge from less than 10 meters of the lake, the ice was smashed, the car red large extended Trailer only a small part of his body. A large amount of cargo carried by the car was scattered on the ice, many of which were express parts, and paint barrels, etc.. The scene has officers and police conducted a temporary control of the traffic on the bridge, only one lane for vehicles through, due to traffic congestion is not today. The guardrail and cross bar on the bridge body are more than 20 meters long and have been seriously damaged. It belongs to the incident, happiness village committee director Xue Hu introduced at the time of the incident at 1 pm, the vehicle crashed into a bridge had a great sounding, lived about one hundred meters distance bridge villagers were awakened after running out of the car to see, most of the body has fallen into the lake, a middle-aged man to escape from the car in the upper part of the cab, trapped in the vehicle is damaged due to the surrounding ice to leave. At that time, the vehicle continued to sink, the depth of the lake is more than 4 meters. The villagers quickly shouted for help to save the people, and the people on duty in the village immediately reported to the office. At the same time, after the incident, the bridge on the road after the road personnel found danger, also timely rescue. After the alarm, the fire truck arrived in time, the man was rescued, 120 rushed to the hospital. After on-site inspection, the driver was only one person at that time. After understanding, the car is made from kiln generation logistics to loading direction to Jiamusi, do not want to just driving more than 10 km accident. Site rescue personnel told reporters, the car was shipped LTL cargo of nearly 20 tons, of which there are many courier items. At the same time, there lived the bridge nearby villagers told reporters that in October 22nd, the bridge in the location of the incident happened in an SUV crashed through the guardrail bridge accident, the driver unfortunately drowned. As of 18 o’clock today, the reporter learned from the scene, due to the rescue difficulties and terrain conditions and other comprehensive factors, the rescue program is still under discussion. At the same time, the relevant departments of the cause of the accident are also under investigation. Double eleven has just ended, express the amount of the next few days will be bursting! A lot of people do not get their express parcels, so if to express it slowly, please also more understanding and considerate of riding a bicycle, fighting in a world of ice and snow express little buddy. Because in your express delivery is too slow, don’t forget our express little brother, also riding a bicycle in the snow for you worry. Have you ever wondered how many times they dropped the express when you complained about the damage to the object and the corner?. Z AN for all the little brothers who are still riding bicycles and delivering couriers in the ice and snow!

哈市环城高速一挂车坠桥砸进冰湖 快递打了水漂   昨日凌晨,在哈市环城高速柳树湖大桥发生一起车辆坠桥事故。事故中,大挂车拉运的近20吨零担货物“打了水漂”,一名司机万幸及时逃生被送住医院。   昨日上午,记者来到现场看到,坠桥车辆冲破大桥外侧护栏坠入距桥面不足10米的湖中,冰面被砸碎,这辆红色大型加长挂车只有上部车身露出一小部分。该车拉运的大量货物散落在冰面上,很多都是快递件,还有油漆桶等。现场,有路政人员和警方对桥面上的交通进行了临时管制,只有一条车道供车辆通过,由于今日车流不大没有出现拥堵。桥体上的护栏和横杆等附属设施有20余米长出现严重破损。   据事发地所属的幸福村村委会主任薛虎介绍,事发时间在凌晨1时许,车辆坠桥产生了巨大震响,家住距离大桥百米左右的村民被震醒后跑出来看到,这辆车大部分车身已陷入湖水中,一名中年男子从车内逃生,被困在车辆驾驶室上部,由于周围都是破损冰面无法离开。   而当时车辆还在不断下沉,湖水深度有4米多。村民急忙喊人来帮忙救人,村里值班人员立即上报办事处。同时在事发后,桥上路遇路政人员发现险情后也及时来救助。报警后,消防车辆及时赶到,男子被救后被120迅速送往医院。经过现场检查确认当时车内仅这名司机一人。经了解,该车是从瓦盆窑一代物流装车准备去往佳木斯方向,不想才行驶出10多公里就发生了意外。   现场有救援人员告诉记者,该车所拉运的零担货物近20吨,其中很多都有快递物品单子。同时,还有家住该桥附近的村民告诉记者,10月22日,该桥在事发位置就发生过一辆越野车撞破护栏坠桥事故,该车司机不幸溺亡。   截至今日18时许,记者从现场获悉,由于救援难度和地势条件等综合因素考虑,救援方案还在研讨中。同时,事故原因相关部门也在进一步调查之中。   双十一刚刚结束,未来几天的快递量一定是爆棚!很多人还没有拿到自己的快递包裹,所以如果快递到的很慢,也请多一些体谅,体谅一下骑着自行车,奋战在冰天雪地的快递小哥们。   在您因为快递送来太慢时,不要忘记我们的快递小哥,同样在雪地里骑着单车为您着急。   在您因为物件边角有一些无伤大雅的损坏而抱怨时,您有没有想过他们在送快递的时候摔了多少次。   为所有在冰天雪地里仍在骑着自行车送着快递的小哥们点Z个AN!相关的主题文章: