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Hangzhou white-collar workers to abandon the purchase: parents save hundreds of thousands a week enough evaporation of white-collar workers in Hangzhou to abandon the purchase: hundreds of thousands of parents saved enough for a week, evaporation of the weekly Times reporter Liu Ke from Hangzhou (September 18th the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) is the annual Qiantang River tide on this day of the year, resembling the high tide of the Hangzhou property market has come to an emergency brake. The same day in the evening, the Hangzhou housing security and the Housing Authority announced that since September 19th, in the scope of the purchase of the city to suspend the purchase of housing for 1 or more of the city’s non resident households. The move by the government of Hangzhou, who was known as the real estate circles outside the limit, the goal is very clear, ease the influx of foreign investment in the field after the G20 led to the rush to grab room heat. Hangzhou is now the main buyers. Transparent network data show that this year, the Hangzhou property market to foreign buyers groups accounting for rising G20, after a week, residents of the purchase ratio reached 39.3%, including 25.4% foreign buyers to buy two sets and more than two sets of commercial housing. It is worth mentioning that, in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, respectively, in August 12th and in September 5th introduced the relevant restriction policy. Before the introduction of the new deal, the official website of the Hangzhou Municipal Housing Authority data show that in September 18th the same day, Hangzhou’s new houses and second-hand housing turnover reached 5105 units, a record high. Ding Jiangang, President of the Institute of real estate news in Zhejiang Province, it seems that the current restriction policy in Hangzhou, one of the market is facing a sharp rise in the temperature of the disorder. Two is the purchase of the policy is not in 2011, such as the prohibition of foreign policy. But outsiders can buy a set of restrictions on investment in multiple sets. After the introduction of this policy, the market will have a modest cooling effect. Two hours sold out the strong typhoon "Meranti" has landed, but in every corner of downtown Hangzhou, the real estate company has become the only rejection in the typhoon home industry. In September 16th 6 in the morning, 3000 buyers in Northeast Hangzhou Guangsha Tiandu city sales offices, sales offices allow developers to large 3300 square meters is very crowded. The seat, buyers face changes with sales offices: suddenly exclaimed, suddenly excited. On site within two hours, 376 houses sold, many buyers are reluctant to leave the scene, while pulling the sales staff about the opening situation. This project more than 10 years of the project, the average sales price of more than 10 thousand square meters, a few months ago, its price is $6000 square meters. Over the past two months, as the barometer of the Shanghai real estate market, in September this year, housing prices have hit a record high. National Bureau of statistics data show that compared with the end of 2014, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai second-hand house prices rose 66%, respectively, and 39%. In 2016, the second tier cities in the property market hot, there are Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, has introduced the restriction, limited credit policy, trying to cool the property market. Specifically for Hangzhou, into August, the new premises of the main city of Hangzhou raised the price, which rose to reach the maximum unit price相关的主题文章: