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Jewelry-Diamonds Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Ever feel like youre just buying gifts just for the sake of it and gifts that will probably never be used? Birthstone jewellery could be the answer. Not only are birthstones meant to bring good luck and health when worn, making them a special gift for any loved one, these days they can also be personalised and hand-made into several different forms of gold and silver jewellery to suit any individual. What makes a birthstone an ideal gift, is that they .e in a wide range of sparkling gems enabling them to be the perfect piece of jewellery for evening or day wear. Each stone will .e with its own meaning and piece of history, a unique keep sake gift for anyone this Christmas. It is said that astrologers, years ago attributed supernatural powers to certain gem stones. Its unclear how these specific stones became associated with different months of the year, however historians think that the first mention of these birthstones dates back to the book of Exodus in the old testament, in which a Hebrew priest is said to have had 12 different gems, one for all of Israels twelve tribes. Over time the different coloured gems then became associated with the signs of the zodiac, and then eventually different months of the year. Individuals then began to wear their particular birthstone in the 15th and 16th century in Poland when each birthstone supposedly held a magical power. Some stones were protectors from evil, others would cure the wearer in battle, cure medical problems, or some supposedly would even immunize the wearer from drunkenness. Overall the 12 different birthstones for each month of the year each possess a unique natural colour and are said to bring to wearer different forms of health and happiness. For example, the sapphire birthstone of September will bring, love victory, wisdom and purity, where as the emerald of May is said to bring faith, happiness and goodness. Nowadays, most people associate their month of birth as to which birthstone they wear, however, it was once believed that you could wear each birthstone during the month they represent, bringing you different forms of health and happiness all year round. Whether youre looking for a birthday, christening or Christmas gift, a piece of handmade birthstone jewellery will provide your loved one with a unique, keep sake, lucky charm. For instance, now available are 9ct gold or silver necklaces, specifically designed for mothers or grandmothers, featuring a range of birthstones to represent each of her children and/or grandchildren, guaranteed to leave any proud mother smiling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: