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Hammer M1 dismantling: with inner appearance are very persistent in October 18th, hammer technology formally launched M1 in Shanghai Mercedes – Benz Cultural Center (parameter quote forum software) (5.15 inches) and M1L (5.7 inches) two new machines. Although the hardware configuration, the hammer finally caught up with the main army, but because the two new captain too like iP*one, so many users have Tucao Luo where your feelings!". In fact, M1 has always been a hammer mobile phone, hammer mobile phone in many details than the many mobile phone on the market to do more carefully, like the stackable design light receiver distance sensor, SIM card slot integrated volume keys and so on, whether in the M1 M1L, and whether these things continue? Today brings hammer M1 dismantling. The Smartisan M1 M1L parameter table type hammer hammer Smartisan M1 Smartisan M1L CPU hammer Qualcomm 821 GPU Adreno 530 RAM, the highest frequency 2.35GHz 4GB LPDDR4 4 6GB LPDDR4 ROM 32GB UFS2.0, does not support the expansion of 32 64GB UFS2.0, does not support the expansion screen 5.15 inch 1080P JDI 5.7 inch SHARP 2K rear camera: 23 million pixel IMX318, optical image stabilization, laser + phase focusing, F2.0 front: 4 million pixels (2 m), F2.0 Smartisan OS 3.1 system size weight 149.36×71.75×8.22mm 146g 159.66×78.96×8.32mm 175g 3050mAh battery capacity can not be free to replace the 4080mAh can not be free to replace the network standard dual sim card full Netcom (7 die 37 band global roaming) features of NFC, 24W, CS4398 audio chip fast charging (M1L) 4+32GB listing price 2499 yuan 4+32GB yuan 2799 yuan; 6+64GB 2999; 6+64GB 3299 stainless steel Yuan as a whole, now on the market with the flagship mobile phone hardware configuration, M1 M1L is like a hammer, Xiaolong 821, optical image stabilization, laser phase autofocus camera, dual card dual standby full Netcom, the highest 24W fast charging and so on. Change the user of the hammer mobile phone configuration behind the generation view. Detailed dismantling part of the dismantling of the link, remove the card slot before dismantling. Hammer M1 uses all metal frame + plastic rear shell design, and the bottom of the frame without screws, so first from the rear shell removed. Due to the use of adhesive bonding between the rear shell and the middle frame, you need to use a hot-air gun heating. Then we use the sucker, crowbar separation. In addition to the adhesive can be fixed after the shell, but also to prevent the infiltration of the liquid inside the body.相关的主题文章: