Hainan will hold the November three job fairs to provide 30 thousand jobs in 600 enterprises-soojin

Hainan will hold the November three job fairs 600 enterprises to provide 30 thousand jobs in Hainan in November will hold a three job fairs 600 enterprises to provide 30 thousand jobs in Haikou network November 9th news (reporter Chen Jingru) reporter from the Hainan provincial human resources market was informed that the market will be on November 11, 2016, 16 days, 25 days held chipin the workplace but collect "three large recruitment. Will invite well-known power enterprises and the community talents participants, is expected to 600 companies to provide more than 3 jobs. Late autumn early winter, part of the enterprise recruitment and reserves scale in this period. It is understood that Haikou city has many new hotels to recruit talented people. But many people do not rush to enterprises have come to seize a favorable position for the end of the recruitment of personnel to prepare. The participants of the employer covers real estate, medicine, finance, IT, Internet, electronic services such as more than 10 types of hot industry, wholesale and retail and hotel enterprises accounted for more than half of the participants with the employer. See the talent demand from the employer, the demand for talents majoring in marketing, hotel primary job, real estate and business services industries the most exuberant, especially marketing talents, accounting for nearly 13 of the total number of individual demand demand. Increase the recruitment of species for the vast number of job seekers to provide more choice. Haikou Luneng Hilton, Hainan, a group of Haikou Yuanda Shopping Center Co. Ltd., the property card (Hainan property), the revival of Hainan City Industrial Park Investment Co., a large number of well-known enterprises have entered the recruitment.

海南11月将办三场招聘会 600家企业提供3万个岗位   海南11月将办三场招聘会 600企业提供3万岗位   海口网11月9日消息(记者 陈敬儒)记者从海南省人力资源市场获悉,该市场将于2016年11月11日、16日、25日举办“驰聘职场 琼英汇”三场特大型招聘会。届时将力邀省内外知名实力企业及社会各界优秀人才参会,预计600家企业提供3万余岗位。   秋末初冬,部分企业在这个时期进行规模性的人员招聘及储备。据了解,海口市内有不少新开业星级酒店急于招聘贤才。而不少并不急于用人的企业也纷纷赶来抢占有利位置为年底招聘人才做准备。   此次参会的用人单位涵盖了房地产、医药、金融、IT互联网、电子、服务业等十余类热门行业,批发零售及酒店类企业占到了参会用人单位的一半以上。从用人单位所需求的人才类型来看,营销、酒店基层岗位、房地产和商务服务等行业的专业人才需求最为旺盛,特别是营销类人才,单项需求数占需求总数近1 3。招聘种类的增加为广大求职者提供更多的选择。   海口鲁能希尔顿、海南合甲集团、海口远大购物中心有限公司、一卡通物业(海航物业)、海南复兴城产业园投资有限公司等一大批知名企业都纷纷进场招聘。相关的主题文章: