Guy wants to enjoy the video female anchor special service was cheated more than 10 thousand mide-031

Guy want to enjoy the video presenter "special services" cheated more than 10 thousand original title: and a female anchor of a video chat cheated more than 10 thousand Jinling Evening News (correspondent reporter Xu Ning Xuan Gong rain) in September 20th at 10 in the morning, Li people have nothing else in the home Internet browsing news website, accidentally point into a website inside there are multiple sexy photos. The page prompts the need to register an account for browsing pictures and network and beauty chat function, Mike temptation is registered an account, enter into the studio, saw a scantily clad woman is "live. However, video playing less than 1 minutes suddenly black screen. Subsequent pages out of a message: "if you want to watch the show more" wonderful "video, you need to recharge membership account, with the account upgrade, even with a female anchor member on a separate" video chat. "." WeChat immediately recharge 300 yuan to become a member. After that, the video is played for about 1 minutes to stop again, and pop-up dialog box shows: re recharge $600 to activate the account before you can enjoy the video chat, the activation fee will be returned the next day." Mike interested obediently and recharge 600 yuan, is expected to see the activation of the account after wearing many obvious thin anchor. But a few minutes later, Xiao Li has not played 3 words, the video was caught in the stop phase, the dialog box pops up again: to prevent the leakage of private information anchor, requiring members to pay $2000 to visit the deposit protection." Of course, the other side told Xiao Li this money will be returned the next day. In order to enjoy the special service as soon as possible, Mike turned 2000 yuan in the past. At this point, Li found that there is indeed a refund page interface, but click on the button to determine the refund without any reaction. Li immediately contact each other, the other can not be identified on the grounds of the system, asked Mike recharge again to achieve a higher level to complete the refund, and to ensure that the money will be refunded. Although some doubts, the dilemma of Li had to recharge. He followed the instructions, a total of three times and remittance of $10000 for recharge gold, completed the upgrade of the three members. At this time, Mike’s account has the highest level of membership, but they still tell Mike, system is still not recognized, and the system maintenance by Mike temporarily offline, let the second day at 8 in the morning time on-line Click to get a refund deposit. September 21st at 8 in the morning, Mike once again contact each other to prepare a refund, the news has no reply, Mike immediately came to the police station alarm. Currently, Yuhuatai police have been involved in the investigation. Police remind: this network platform will generally have several true female host, with low prices to attract users to recharge and claim to become a member, pay a fee to enjoy a high level of service, but also can promise a refund at any time. In this process, a step by step temptation to lure users to upgrade the ultimate authority to achieve the purpose of fraud. Police remind the majority of users, the Internet should consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations, and actively resist pornographic content, do not give criminals the opportunity to commit crimes, do not click on the computer. Camp相关的主题文章: