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SEO We are in business of offering dedicated Virtual SEO Employee to work remotely from India for a fixed monthly fee, this dedicated SEO are capable to develop article content, link building, blog posting, Link Wheel, Social Media Optimization on Facebook, Orkut, On page & Off page optimization, etc Our clients are mainly NY SEO .panies in the USA who outsource work to us by hiring dedicated virtual SEO on monthly basis, this allows them to cut cost and offer more effective results to their clients website presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, as everyone knows the rule in SEO business is the more time you spend on SEO activity for any client the better keyword ranking your client would get on search engines, additional advantage is they dont have to hire people for short time as 50% of SEO customers stop spending money once they see presence on search engines, so for SEO .panies its very tricky to balance the Human Resources. It is true one has to examine & qualify offshore SEO .pany capabilities but I get calls from .panies asking me to offer Virtual Dedicated SEO when I quote them and the next question would be what Guarantee do you give on keyword rankings on Google & other search engines, I get amazed when I hear this questions from major respectable SEO .panies which are handling large SEO accounts, the reason they ask is several .panies in India Guarantee SEO results, technically you know there is no Guarantee on Organic SEO activity, Google and other Search engine wants you to do honest white hat SEO and then they decide the out.e of the optimized website, a good link building activity always pays off. But when we provide an dedicated virtual SEO we assure one thing, that the presence of any website on which good white hat SEO is done will increase visibility and traffic over the internet and search engines in period of time. There are several .panies Guaranteeing organic Keyword ranking, I guess they are overselling their services and such .pany end up in dispute with customers, even Google warns website owners not to hire any SEO .pany which Guarantees keyword ranking, Google search engine algorithms work in secrecy as Google wants to give un-biased search results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: