Guangzhou’s first CBA Basketball Team was born with 18 registered players-9c8921

Guangzhou’s first CBA basketball team was born in the existing 18 registered players – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 23 (Shen Zhao Chen Jian Group) 23, the signing ceremony of Guangzhou securities and dralions Title Cooperation held in Guangzhou, Foshan dragon and lion basketball team was officially renamed Guangzhou stock men’s basketball team, this sign with the birth of the first CBA basketball team in the history of Guangzhou. It is understood that the Guangzhou men’s basketball team existing securities 18 registered players, 15 domestic players, foreign players in 3, with an average age of 23.4 years, the average height of 1.98 meters, the team coach Major served by the italian. It is understood that Ma has repeatedly led the team in the Champions League, and in the Italy League, the Greek League and the Champions League to get the best coach honor. A team of 3 foreign aid, 33 year old Bahrami was the Iran national team striker; 25 year old Alex? Cook in the 2014-2015 season, signing NBA Cleveland last season, played in Italy’s top league club of Pistoia; and the 24 year old Ryan? TOZEN bleomycin in the 2015-2016 season, Brooks signed NBA nets. Party secretary, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau Luo Jingjun said that the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau will fully support the occupation basketball development, support the club brave success in the occupation basketball league. Guangzhou securities chairman Wang Shuhui said, Guangzhou securities will fully support and cooperate with dralions landing and promotion in Guangzhou, enhance the club in Guangzhou city and even the national brand influence, make a contribution to the development of sports in Guangzhou. The dragon lion basketball club chairman Zhong Naixiong said, dralions will deliver the goods carefully, choose the coaching team, selected players, build the team and to strengthen international cooperation, to build a good team in Guangzhou this hot brand, has become a domestic first-class team, the fans support skills. Next, the team will go to Malaysia in October 4th to participate in the 2016 Kuala Lumpur Xuan Champions Cup Basketball tournament". October 20th, the team will go to Sichuan, Mianyang to participate in the preseason CBA. (end)相关的主题文章: