Guangxi tramp was 3 minors throwing gasoline ignition body burns-darren hayes

Guangxi tramp was 3 minors poured gasoline ignition body multiple burns to southern Qinzhou morning news (reporter Lu Wang) in October 6th, a network transmission Pubei man was poured gasoline and ignition, resulting in multiple body burns. Verified by the reporter, the man was six Xian town of Pubei County, a homeless, suspected arson for local 3 minors. Currently, the man was burned seriously injured were taken to hospital for treatment, the local police station has been involved in the investigation of the matter, and coordinate the families of minors involved in compensation. In October 6th, Pubei local forum users reported that six Xian Zhen man "Mo two" being spilled gasoline and ignited, resulting in multiple body burns, this caused concern. See pictures from users to provide, naked man lying on the floor, chest, abdomen, hand multiple burns and pustule, his crotch pants burned a hole. In October 8th, the South China Morning Post reporter on the matter to the local police for verification. It is understood that the man surnamed Huang was burned, is a local Rangers, usually rely on begging for a living. The time for October 6th at 2 pm, six Xian town 3 men riding a motorcycle through a local disk, see the homeless Hwang, then stopped the car and took some gasoline from the motorcycle, spilled in the body and light huang. See a large fire, 3 men followed the flame Hwang who put out the. It is understood that the 3 men are only the oldest age of 14. Currently, the local police station has been involved in the investigation, and on the matter to find the 3 minors and their families, the relevant compensation matters are under way, the specific cause of the incident is still under investigation. Hwang due to serious injuries, has been rushed to hospital for medical treatment.相关的主题文章: