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Guangxi Heshan: poor households have a family doctor to enjoy "private custom" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, 26 September Nanning Xinhua: Guangxi Heshan: poor households have a family doctor to enjoy a private order of Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Haoming Guangxi Heshan City, 72 year old poor households Wei Zujie, suffering from diabetes, hypertension and joint inflammation and other diseases, but also to take care of his wife paralyzed in bed. Over the past few years spent all the family savings of only 10 thousand yuan, the heavy burden and embarrassment of life overwhelmed. I and his wife’s subsistence allowances and subsidies for a total of more than 400 yuan a month, before the light to buy medicine will spend more than half." Wei Zujie said. "Poverty caused by illness," the number of the city accounted for 26.3% of the total number of poor households filing riser, in the forefront in the various causes of poverty." Heshan City Mayor Pan Zhenxue said. Heshan City, a total of 3135 families in poverty, the poverty caused by illness, "823," poverty caused by illness and poverty alleviation "has become the" stumbling block on the road". In order to win the war against poverty, providing health care for the rural poor out of poverty in July this year, Heshan City, free for the poor households to establish dynamic health records, to carry out rural doctors contracted services, provide "family doctor" for helping poor households, and from the aspects of psychology, treatment, nursing, etc. to give personalized private life custom instruction, help patients build confidence to overcome poverty disease and poverty. In Wei Zujie’s wall, with a health Heshan City Planning warm health service card, Wei Zujie couple’s three medical institutions and health information of city, town and village service team of professional expertise and telephone registration. The aid of Wei Zujie Si North Town Center Hospital Dean Tan Yongfen said, in the Wei Zujie couple filing riser, the medical volunteer service team to conduct a comprehensive physical examination for them. According to Wei Zujie disease dizziness, joint pain, diabetes, an antidote against the disease at the same time, also to guide Wei jugier eat more vegetables, cooking less salt, reducing appetite, develop healthy eating habits. After the treatment of my foot joint pain has been much better, sleep at night will not cramp, dizziness is no longer committed." Wei Zujie said. Heshan City Health Bureau Director Tan Ping said, ranked in the forefront of the poverty incidence of diseases are chronic diseases, Heshan City, through the issuance of the proposal, called the city’s medical workers to promote heal, the spirit of selfless dedication, to participate in volunteer service activities, received a positive response of medical workers. The city’s 7 medical volunteer service team, went to the administrative villages to carry out medical poverty relief volunteer service, from the psychological, treatment, care, life and other aspects of the poor to help the 29. In order to reduce the economic burden of poor households, Heshan City also took special funds for the poor households to pay the full cost of NCMS, and in accordance with the annual 55 yuan / person standard, the purchase of commercial health insurance for poor households. The opening of Easy Access after suffering from chronic diseases and other major diseases need long-term treatment of patients with poor households, to the city public hospitals do not need to pay any fees can be directly admitted to hospital. When treating deductible funds.相关的主题文章: