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Guangdong Hongyuan men’s basketball team preparing for the playoffs, Bynum comeback or not to be determined, Guangzhou daily news (reporter Huang Wei) Lunar New Year’s second day, Guangdong Hongyuan began to prepare for the tense. In February 15th, they were away against the Shandong team in the first round of the playoffs. Du Feng, the head coach of the team, said that the team will try to give young players more opportunities in ensuring their results. Hongyuan is no stranger to the Shandong team, in 2013 finals, the two teams have met, when the Shandong team because of lack of experience and was swept away by hongyuan. This season, the Shandong team in the regular season, the first "double" Hongyuan, occupy a certain psychological advantage. Foreign aid Bynum had been injured, has been unable to recover, he has been looking for the past few days. As for when Bynum will be able to return to the game, the coach group will also assess. Now, Bynum’s "double" is Carter, Du Feng thought he was quite satisfactory. In addition, Du Feng also stressed that, noble, Ren Junfei, Zhou Zhandong and other young players have been growing, they may be able to get more opportunities in the playoffs. "We still try to give as many young players as possible under the premise of ensuring our results, and hopefully they can stand the test."

广东宏远男篮备战季后赛 拜纳姆复出与否仍待定  广州日报讯 (记者 黄维) 农历大年初二,广东宏远就开始了紧张的备战。2月15日,他们将客场迎战季后赛首轮对手山东队。正带队备战的宏远主帅杜锋表示,球队将尽量在保证成绩的情况下给年轻球员更多机会。   宏远对山东队并不陌生,在2013年的总决赛中,两队就曾相遇,当时山东队因为经验不足而被宏远横扫。本赛季,山东队在常规赛第一次“双杀”宏远,占据了一定的心理优势。   外援拜纳姆此前受伤,一直未能恢复状态,这几天他一直在找感觉。至于拜纳姆何时能回到赛场,还要经过教练组的评估。现在,拜纳姆的“替身”是卡特,杜锋认为他中规中矩。   此外,杜锋还着重提到,高尚、任骏飞、周湛东等年轻球员都已经有所成长,他们或许可以在季后赛获得更多机会。“我们还是在保证成绩的前提下,尽可能多地给年轻队员机会,希望他们能够经受住考验。”相关的主题文章: