Green I know about key steals the Bucks last attack tactics (video) tda7294

Green: I know the key steals last attack tactics [] in the distance score letter brother hit Green breakthrough dunk strong comeback Tencent sports news in November 20th today the warriors away 124-121 win the Bucks game, Green game performance in general. But he steals the key at the end of the match to help the warriors win the match. After the interview, Green said he had long bucks last shot tactics to see through. Green said that through the game tactical Hart with 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Parke Jia Barry beat 2+1, the Bucks will chase the score 120-122, then the two teams compete defensively, this score has been maintained to 8.5 seconds before the whistle. The execution of the last attack, Snell pass, Green eye ball will dial out, Thompson got the ball firmly two free throws, 4 points will expand the score advantage victory. It can be said that if Green did not interfere with the Bucks last attack serve, warriors are likely to be morale bucks and even the equaliser. Even overtime, the young bucks can also rely on their adequate physical warriors down. So, the key to steal Green warriors students winning a victory. After the game, Green talked about the key steals, in an interview he said: "I had to fight through their tactics. In that case, they usually have two kinds of tactics can be played, once the letter of a good brother, I know what they want to play the game. So I stood there waiting for them to make the ball, so Snell would hesitate to do it. I know that Snell thought will definitely threw the ball, so I’ll wait directly for stealing." Green on the pitch although it looks very strong, not mind so careful player, but he actually like Zhang Fei cuzhongyouxi. His ball is very high, the court is very clear about their duties, but also to mobilize the enthusiasm of the team, is a rare basketball wizards. (Li Xun) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: