Goodfellas Zhang Yi the actor is not back lines machine entertainment

"Goodfellas" Zhang Yi: the actor is not back lines of machine – Sohu Zhang Yi about playing in entertainment "Goodfellas" in Lu Yan Sohu (self entertainment news video map Marston Xiuwen Zhuang Xiao Ming) by Li Chen, Zhang Yi starred in the war drama "Goodfellas" [opera] is the Beijing TV premiere, simultaneously broadcast video Sohu. The play tells about the incident after the "seed characters" after Shanghai and northwest of the legends of the past. In the play, Zhang Yi played with Mr. Tu opposition party of reed reed (if the water) the son of Lu Yan, as the "seed". As a seed, Lu Yan general, pure, kind, in under such a state of unconscious into a torrent of water, there are many involuntarily means. Compared with Zhang Yi in the title role, many viewers may feel more complexity of "time" angle is more suitable for him, but in Zhang Yi view, there is the temperament of Li Chen in the wild and intractable heart, is a handsome, more suitable for the "time", but he is Lu yan. But he didn’t think he was the one who helped him, but he was the one who focused on one thing.     before the impression of Zhang Yi stay in a low-key, humble, serious, good play on the level of the first meeting, also confirmed the impression. The first time I met an actor in the face of reporters and cameras almost bend ninety degrees bow, said hard. But humility does not mean no edges and corners, talking with Lan Xiaolong, Li Chen, his brother of memories met each other. In the face of ridicule and Li Chen cooperation eight times does not bother you, "he poker-faced details do not bother to talk to reason;" Goodfellas "this drama, his empathy for the creation of this movie is not easy to play with the team, not by bluntly behind the scenes tidbits like go to propaganda; speaking for myself the play" move, he said the actor is not the back line machine, every day in the creation, and good writers, they are welcome to modify the script in the actors within the fixed scene. But for the "play" in the title, in order to explain the jargon, Zhang Yi has repeatedly stressed that this is a derogatory term, but he is not "play". Do you feel better for this role? You don’t have that morning, wild and intractable bones, more time for entertainment Sohu: how do you understand the role of Lu Yan? Zhang Yi: the character in the original novel, it is called zero, zero represents nothing, nothing. This is the beginning of a very simple, a good man, do not know what the blood, but later he found himself unconscious was involved in a flood, and in the end, he is willing to stand in the tide of banner, to give their all. Sohu Entertainment: many viewers feel that your temperament is more suitable to play the role of time, do you think? Zhang Yi: No, I think Li Chen is more suitable for the time, he was really more like him, I was a little like Lu yan. What do you say? Time is the wild and intractable thing, I think this is a bit like the morning with one thing, Chen is a true man, I am not. Sohu Entertainment: do you think you’re the one who helped you?   相关的主题文章: