Golden week Laisui assured swim 500 tourism volunteer service-beself

Golden week Laisui assured swim 500 travel volunteers to serve the bustling business district of Guangzhou want to go shopping but do not know where to go? Come to the surface characteristics of buildings, curious scenic history behind only search the Internet? A trip to Guangzhou also want to learn one or two authentic Cantonese? Eleven golden week is coming, because of the famous Guangzhou cuisine and south of the Five Ridges will usher in a large number of foreign tourists. However, this year’s national day to ear the passengers not to worry about the unfamiliar, because there are more than 500 volunteers will carry out the service in Guangzhou various scenic spots, to provide help for tourists. On the morning of 26, sponsored by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the municipal Party committee, the Guangzhou volunteer coaching Federation, Guangzhou volunteer Federation hosted the "civilized travel, volunteer with you, let love" 2016 National Day holiday tourism volunteer service launch ceremony was held in the sand Park in Guangzhou. At the ceremony, there are hundreds of volunteers to participate in the ceremony on behalf of tourists and solemnly sworn to join the volunteer service team, they will be the next golden week service to spike passengers. Tourism: Tourism volunteer post across the city’s 30 popular scenic spots according to the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau data show that during the National Day in 2015 to about 1071.20 passengers tourists per bowl, tourism bureau is expected, along with the launch of Cantonese culture tourism carnival, Guangfu Culture Week activities, this year to spike tourists also will rise. Li Yuqing, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Administration travel agency, told reporters that the first response to the National Tourism Administration, Guangzhou, in October 1st last year set up a tourism volunteer team. The first 500 volunteers to carry out normalization of services in Guangzhou and various scenic spots, in order to promote tourism volunteer service daily and professional operation, this year the City Tourism Bureau and the municipal Party committee, the number of volunteers continue to expand the scale of tourism. At the same time, the 30 "will be located in the scenic south of the Five Ridges unique architectural features of the volunteer Inn upgrade travel volunteer post, so that visitors to identify distinctive logo hanging. Reporters learned that the 30 tourism volunteer post are located in a prominent position within the area, visitors can receive all kinds of tourist publicity materials in the inn. Tourism volunteers wear with hat and vest tourism volunteer logo uniform across the country to provide services for tourists. More than 5000 people are expected to volunteer in the National Day period through civilized scenic area on the guidelines, and environmental protection in the form of city square, Zhongshan memorial hall, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street and other popular attractions, shopping provide service to Guangzhou tourists. Volunteer: the delivery of water, volunteer service is very meaningful volunteer hostel is located in the north sand sand tourism area. Reporters on the scene, dressed in orange vests in the Inn by volunteers for tourists on the way from time to time, one of them is because the weather is hot and sweating. Tourism volunteer Yang Wenbo told reporters that last year he joined the volunteer post, was also the first to sign, training to become a volunteer tourism. Some of the work of Mr. Yang had been at work in the Communist Youth League volunteers, one after the idle time becomes more, so they decided to become a volunteer. "I have not been able to come down, I think it is more meaningful to be a volunteer.相关的主题文章: