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attention deficit disorderThere are so many divesting diseases around us. ADHD is one of them. There are so many ways out to fight against this disorder. We the normal people have to follow the instruction given by doctors. The professionals, experts, know very well the procedure to fight against it. There are some strategies and natural remedies for ADHD to make the differences between the normal child and the disorder child. According to the psychological report, we came to know that the children are affected very much for this attention problem. They have been growing as an attention seeker, and this symptom turns them into a patient of attention deficit hyperactivity disarray. Adhd in children is rising day by day. Now it is a very .mon factor to people. Reasons of ADHD in children Most of the time doctor has found the reason of ADHD is genetic, environmental and society. These problems can be solved if parents are getting aware of this attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Environment Environment is one of the major reasons of the ADHD in children. Using alcohol, irregular life in the pregnancy instant can cause this disorder. Low confinement heaviness, young delivery is also the reason of this disorder. Society Sometimes a society is responsible for this ADHD disease. The current situation says that the different behavior of society towards normal and abnormal children may be responsible for this disorder. Genetic Sometimes doctors have seen that the problem occurs from genetic reasons. This disorder .es into from parents in 75% cases. This disorder can generate into the siblings of the children five or six times more than others. Sometimes Hyperactivity is helpful, but it can be dangerous for children. Natural remedies The main natural remedies for ADHD are 1) Practical exploit steps Parents need to understand their child, they should take practical steps to fight against this disease. They need to stay calm and patient to secure their childs life. It is very much important to the children. 2) Motivational plan The natural remedies for ADHD truly follows the motivational plan, designed by the professionals and experts. They plan for a motivation chart which will help the children to recover soon. These touches of motivation make a lot of senses to them. These children are very much disturbed in their minds, so this is the first option for parents to motivate them for their children betterment. 3) Peak performance – This clause gives your ADHD child an awesome action to be alleviated. This is for parents. They need to more confident about their potentiality that they already have. These potentiality and confidence make their children better than others. They have .plexities to control their emotions. So parents should take care of this. The Trivedi Effect is a good path to recover these ADHD in children. Parents have to help their child in this critical phase with the help of natural remedies for ADHD. 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