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Ginger ginger from   ginger and 5 kinds of food do not eat Hunzhuo – Shandong Channel – is a distinction between ginger and ginger, ginger is often used for cooking, a Chinese herb is the dried ginger. So, we should choose to eat what kind of ginger should be helpful. Below, introduce is ginger and ginger, ginger and distinction, not what to eat together, let’s take a look. Ginger and ginger ginger ginger has a difference: Xinwen jiebiao Wenzhong, antiemetic, Wenfei Huayin solution, crab poison etc.. Especially in the fever, vomiting and detoxification has the unique effect in 3 aspects. So in the clinic, ginger is mainly used for the treatment of cold induced cold, headache, stuffy nose, fever and cough. And the stomach vomiting, crab poison etc.. Ginger can be eaten directly. For example, with 30 grams of fresh ginger slices and brown sugar, boiled water, hot drink can cure cold, headache, stuffy nose, menstrual pain; and the fresh ginger juice drink can cure stomach and vomiting, cough and phlegm, eat fish and crab with some ginger and vinegar, can prevent fish and crab poison. Ginger: ginger is pungent and hot, cold temperature, Huiyang Tongmai, Wenfei Huayin properties. In particular, has a unique effect in the stomach, tongmai. It is mainly used in clinical treatment of spleen deficiency, death collapse, cold extremities and cough symptoms. Ginger can not be eaten directly, and other traditional Chinese medicine prescription taking decoction. For example, for the spleen and stomach of Lizhongtang, cold drink cough Ling Gui five kinds of ginger soup, which are one of the main drug in addition, dried ginger, when the cold induced death of Yang De, available aconite root and dried ginger to enhance the effect of dispelling cold, has the effect of reviving yang. Ginger can not eat and what 1, leek leek warm, can warm kidney yang, spleen and stomach, Qi and blood. Eat leeks, can enhance liver, spleen and stomach qi. Eat the leek benefits, but it is best not to put cooked leek leek ginger, because ginger sour. 2, we compare the celery celery common ingredients, it not only has rich nutrition, but also has some medicinal value, it can raise blood and spleen qi, relieving cough, diuretic, antihypertensive sedation and so on, is very beneficial to the health, highly respected people. But don’t add ginger boiled celery, celery as ginger Youxian bitter taste effect. 3, early ginger grams of fish and fish. The fish, put some fishy ginger can increase fresh, but too early to put ginger, fish protein extract the influence of ginger, ginger can not play fishy effect. The leaching solution of fish was slightly acidic (pH = 5.5), put ginger, the deodorization effect is best, therefore, the fish should be in fish protein coagulation and then add ginger to life to play the fishy flavor of the effectiveness. 4, fresh seafood and fresh seafood ginger can not eat, because eating seafood and eat mutton ginger hair. 5, ginger wine and wine are warm, spicy, with stimulating food, both collocation together, easy to cause anger, body heat, and may even lead to constipation. In short, the general principle is: eat ginger cold disease for febrile diseases not cold constitution heat constitution should not be suitable. The biggest function of ginger is pre相关的主题文章: