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GIF- GalAT violence bird opening combo assists Alan scored two Hengda 11 minutes and scored 2 goals in September 18th sports Tencent today, in the twenty-fifth round to continue, Guangzhou Hengda home court against Liaoning hongyun. Sixth minutes Gao Lin right ball will be transported to the left, Alan left the bottom line at the inverted triangle cross, Gaolatemen before the ball into the melee, Hengda 1-0 lead. Paulinho goal eleventh minutes Gao Lin right against the defensive player of the cross, Alan then transported in ball, Paulinho to get the ball volley accomplishment, Hengda to expand the advantages of 2-0. Li Xuepeng pulled Wang Liang sent yellow penalty Dianran Asani twenty-third minutes Weiduoxiqi transport threat Zhise, Wang Liang Li Xuepeng was brought down in the penalty area, the referee awarded a penalty, and a yellow card warning to Li Xuepeng. Asani surgeon kick overnight, distant will score up into 1-2. Zheng Long goal fifty-seventh minutes Zheng Zhi transportation pass, Zheng Long got the ball into the box, pick the ball into the far corner, Hengda to expand the advantages of 3-1. Sixty-third minutes after Feng Xiaoting long pass, Liaozu players headed the rescue mistakes, the ball to be lost again to Alan GalAT, then Alan tuishe, Hengda 4-1 way ahead. Alan broke the playback sixty-fifth minutes Liaozu Games kick, Weiduoxiqi surgeon kick directly hit the door, the ball screw in the corner of the net, distant will score up into 2-4. Vidosic free kick eighty-first minutes to tackle the referee booked Zheng Zhihe Ni Yusong, the Ni Yusong accumulated 2 yellow cards sent off, which also makes only 10 men liaozu. Time delivery GalAT threat straight ball, Zheng Long ball into the box, easy tuishe yuanjiao break, Hengda 5-2 lead. Two then Zheng Longmei Hengda conveying threat Zhise, Martinez ball into the box, the keeper plugging vigorously volley, Hengda 6-2 lead. J horse goal playback相关的主题文章: