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Finance An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a form of debt management plan set up by the government to try to eliminate personal debt and deal generally with the growing issue of personal insolvency. Our clients are licenced to give advice on the basis that IVAs are never one-size-fits-all solutions to any debt problem, as individual situations can vary so much. The needs of one person can be very different from the needs of another person. Any IVA help given must thus take into account the unique nature of the situation people find themselves in. A normal IVA will run for 60 months and after this .pletes all the debts are cleared from a person’s credit history. During the time of the IVA none of the creditors are permitted to contact the debtor in any way. The IVA has all the benefits of bankruptcy and none of the drawbacks. An IVA will write off the bulk of your debt at the start of the plan (although beware of the claims made in some circles: it is rarely more than 60 or 65 percent of total unsecured debt which can be ‘written off’). Any good IVA help and advice of this sort will make sure you get optimum results with the lowest monthly repayment options together with the highest percentage of debt written off at the outset. Please note that an IVA is quite different from a so-called debt consolidation loan which only serves to get people into more debt and also, of course, increase the number of creditors! Such a loan will make people feel happier for a couple of years until the noose tightens even worse than before, and the nightmare of debt will begin again. The only way to banish debt for good is to act now and apply for a long term sensible solution like an IVA. So get some impartial and independent IVA help and advice which is right for your own personal situation. About the Author: By: GLF – Waukesha mortgage lender plays a crucial role especially when a person from bankruptcy background applies for it. By: nehasharma – With rising expenses, plenty of individuals are opting for second hand cars over brand new cars. Even banks are providing the financial support through the form of car loans. This article contains information on w … By: nehasharma – As with any loan, certain factors such as the interest rate affects the dynamics of the loan. This also includes the personal loan. Through this article one can understand the personal loan interest rates and how … By: nehasharma – Each individual has a different financial requirement, which would require a financial service that matches their needs. This is important especially when choosing the right mode to transfer money online. This art … By: nehasharma – The NRO account is an NRI account that allows you to invest local As per the government regulations, you can now remit up to 1 million USD through the NRO account. This article contains information on how … By: nehasharma – Fixed deposits offer you a lot of returns, especially with beneficial interest rates. Through the NRI account termed deposits, one can invest their foreign funds and get good returns in par with the domestic rates … By: nehasharma – There are plenty of options that allow you to transfer funds to a sender. However, plenty of factors can influence your decision to opt for a mode of transfer. With the quickremit, you can easily transfer your fun … By: nehasharma – While there are plenty of options to send money to India, there are equally plenty of options wherein one can receive these same funds. This article contains information wherein one can easily send and receive fun … By: nehasharma – Transferring funds abroad may seem like an expensive affair, especially if you consider all the different influential factors that affect the rates. However, in order to avoid high transfer fees for international … By: nehasharma – When you want to send money online, there are plenty of factors you will need to consider. However, if you are looking for cheap options, here are certain factors that will provide you with the assistance you need … 相关的主题文章: