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Press-Releases German shepherd is a double coat dog of large stature. It is commonly used as a working dog or as a police dog by policemen and other military groups. It is originally from Germany. History of German Shepherd It was in the year 1899 that the German shepherd was conceived. It was originally bred and developed for herding purposes. But, because of its innate strength and intelligence, obedience and trainability, it was bred and developed as a working dog. Von Stephanitz, founder of the Society for the German Shepherd Dog, is actually credited as the conceiver of the German shepherd. The name of the first dog that was recognized as the first German shepherd dog was Horand. It was actually owned by Von Stephanitz. Appearance of German Shepherd German shepherd dog is known to have a black mask. It is as well known to have black body markings. Likewise, it owns medium-sized, brown eyes, large and stand erect ears, a black nose, a lengthy square-cut muzzle, a long neck, and a domed forehead. It possesses a bushy tail, too. When it comes to height, male can grow up to 26 inches high at the withers while female can grow up to 24 inches high at the withers. When it comes to weight, male can weigh up to 88 pounds while female can weigh up to 71 pounds. Amazing Facts of German Shepherd German shepherd is interestingly the preferred dog for acting and for search and rescue. It is also the preferred dog for police and military pursuits. The breed is ranked third for intelligence. That is according to Stanley Coren, author of the book entitled The Intelligence of Dogs. German shepherd dog is believed to be a very energetic, self-assured, and a very safe dog to be with. You and your little ones can uncover more information about German shepherd at the e-book entitled German Shepherds: Dog Books for Kids (Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Book 51) paperback or kindle edition by K. Bennett and John Davidson at today! About the Author: By: Labthink – Flexible packages should guarantee the packed content free from bacteria contamination, and be .plete with no inferior places in the pressured conditions. Thus, sealing stre … By: Fusco Browne – Corporate Immigration Services, Corporate Immigration Service By: Shwetha KN – Renesas Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. today announced that it will unveil its India-centric solutions developed at Renes … By: Thomas Cook – This article gives a detailed description on the services offered by leading banquet, reception and private party halls in Houston TX By: Indra Public Relations – The THRIVE .work, formerly known as EDCSPIN (Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People In Need), is a 501(c)(3), that offers programs and services to individuals to help them … By: MendonCottageBooks – At the present time, are you looking forward to gaining more ideas about the workouts for grownup? If, at the present time, you are looking forward to gaining more ideas about … By: Indra Public Relations – The THRIVE .work announces that Indra Public Relations is the agency of record. By: MendonCottageBooks – Arabian horses, also known as Arabian or Arab, are horses with finely chiseled bone structures, and refined, wedge-shaped heads. They also have large eyes, small muzzles, an … By: HealthLearningSeries – There are a number of reasons why sleep is important to humans. But, let us define the meaning of sleep first. What is it? It is actually a natural periodic state of rest for … By: GardeningSeries – Are you at this instant looking forward to growing greens .anically? When you are, do you have adequate knowledge in the matter of growing greens .anically? When you do, s … 相关的主题文章: