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Geely today launched a new compact SUV how much money will you buy GX7 Geely for compact city SUV market models, has experienced 3 changes, and the vision of SUV is the car of the new generation of products. Network on the market from Geely dealers learned that the vision SUV has been able to accept reservations, down 5000 yuan. New cars were introduced 1.8L+5MT and 1.3T+8 CVT two kinds of power combination of a total of 4 models, the pre-sale price of 80 thousand and 900 -10.39 yuan. Geely vision SUV official pre-sale price of the powertrain model name pre price (yuan) 1.8L+5MT luxury 8.09 distinguished type 8.69 1.3T+CVT luxury 9.69 flagship 10.39 tab:     bus network; as Geely GX7 generation models, SUV vision had dramatically changed in appearance. The new car uses a new family face, ripple shaped grille also has in its boyue appeared, but the vision of SUV headlamps and below the bumper are adjusted, the fog area increased significantly. Tail is followed by Geely GX7 style, vertical taillights and rear bumper have changed. Interior changes little compared with the Geely GX7, vision SUV steering wheel central using straight lines, CVT version of shifting region was re layout, retaining the shape more rounded, while adding a separate media control area. The multimedia display for the new car is a 9 inch LCD screen with an independent digital clock on the center console. Dimensions, the prospect of SUV compared with Geely GX7, in addition to shorten length, width and height are slightly increased, the wheelbase remained unchanged. Power, the prospect of SUV manual transmission models equipped with 1.8L self-priming engine, maximum power 98kW, maximum torque of 170Nm; vision SUV CVT models equipped with 1.3T engine, maximum power of 98kW, maximum torque of 185Nm.相关的主题文章: